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#1 2017-07-14 01:52:24

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Dashboard being managed by mods

Nightbot lets other users, commonly mods, to edit aspects of the bot that are only accessible by the streamer. I am a moderator for a stream, and i would like to manage somebody else's dashboard for them. this would also act as a suggestion bit, so if you are the streamer, you can limit the "mods" to two modes: "full access" would be able to edit the bot directly, and "layout" would mean they could change what they needed, then give the streamer a notification about the suggestions they have made. this would mean that having "layout" could make changes, but couldn't change the bot directly without the streamers consent.

Thank you for you time big_smile


#2 2017-12-03 09:46:38

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Re: Dashboard being managed by mods

I too would like to see this feature implemented. I am mod for 8 channels and a lot of them need  ton of help with bots and such. Having the Channel Manager feature like Nightbot does, would be a lifesaver. A lot of streamers have enough going on at once and don't get into their bots deep enough to know all the features and how they work. Most don't even know about the CM that NB has and that's fine because one or two trusted and experienced moderators will know and can take care of a lot of the bot work that the streamer can't do. I hope this will be implemented soon because having to have someone's Twitch login and log in as them is not an ideal setup. If there is a viable alternative to doing that already, I would LOVE to know about it.

Thank you


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