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#1 2017-02-19 17:01:05

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Patch v7.2.2: New Trivia Feature + small bugfixes.

New trivia feature:

• 3644 Unique questions.
• Automatically generated hints.
• Customizable delays and currency rewards.

Moderator commands to control it:

Start a new trivia session (10 questions by default):

!trivia [number of questions 1-50]

Get the answer to the current trivia question:

!trivia answer

Stop the current trivia session:

!trivia stop

Bet delay adjustments:

• New bets are accepted during the delay, but the roll is delayed by the time it would otherwise be.


• !accage command is fixed.
• commands are no longer case sensitive.

For Patrons:

There is a new poll on Vivbot's development priorities here.

If you're not currently a patron, it only takes $2.5 to support me and get a vote in the poll smile


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