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#1 2016-12-31 16:38:47

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Dashboard Visual Update. Happy New Year!

The dashboard's visuals have been updated. The update is mostly focused on layout and animations/flow. I am still experimenting with  colors, but I didn't want that to delay the update.

The old dashboard is available at

Major changes:

* You can change the position of the chat column to be on the right.
* Work In Progress (WIP) Black theme. It's quite incomplete, but I can already provide it as an option so why not.
^ You can enable these right at the beginning of the Settings section.

* All the "tabs" are now on the same page and you can scroll through them. Click on a section title to minimize it.
* A clear indicator that dashboard is not connected.
* Chat width now matches the width on twitch.

Huge thanks to the Patrons who support my work and make these updates possible:

Scadymusic - $25 Patron
Jasonsandwich - $10 Patron
Urnmgaming - $10 Patron
Crimsonmay - $6 Patron
Iandlive - $5 Patron
Omg_its_fakiee - $5 Patron
Terrificfps - $5 Patron
Jupiterrjazz     - $5 Patron
Neotras - $5 Patron
Dudoiselle - $5 Patron
Mqkosmos - $5 Patron

If you want to see more updates, I ask you to consider financially supporting Vivbot on Patreon.

And Happy New Year everyone!


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