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#1 2017-08-02 18:36:59

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How to make added currency stick

I want to be able to add currency to myself or others....and I got to where it will add it. The problem is that a few minutes later whatever currency that got added is then taken back away.

Also this would be nice if it was in your simple command templates.

Also would like to be able to make a "kind " gamble system where you don't lose money but if you "roll" a d12 like command you get money if you get the 12 or something. anyways. everything I come up with gives the money for like maybe 5 minutes and then it re-vanishes.

Thank you so much


#2 2017-08-02 20:22:45

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Re: How to make added currency stick

That's strange and definitely shouldn't be happening. Try to stop/start Vivbot for your channel and see if the problem persists. If it does I will need to look into why that's happening. Unfortunately I am pretty busy for the next week or so, will see what I can do after.


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