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#1 2017-02-09 00:12:45

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Patch v7.2.1: Patreon rewards revamp, Song Request rewrite and more

Patreon changes:

• Overall, the pledge requirements for Patreon rewards have been halved.
• The most interesting, Vivbot name change and development voting is now $2.5

Motivation: I had a few very generous people giving me a lot of money, but ideally I would like for more people giving me less money on average. These changes will hopefully help.

You can permanently unlock the following:
$10 Lifetime support - Permanently unlock name change.
• $20 Lifetime support - Permanently unlock global command.

Motivation: If anyone stopped supporting me, they would have to walk away with empty hands, even after supporting me for a long time. That seemed pretty unfair.

• New patrons will be changed immediately upon becoming a patron.

Motivation: Multiple people have had their payments declined, which was kind of a headache to deal with.

Song Request:

The Song Request feature has been almost completely rewritten!

• All the old bugs should be gone.
You can request songs by title now.
• Skipped songs are now permanently hidden.

Last played song overlay:

You can access a simple text webpage that automatically updates with the current song title.

Optionally, you can also specify font size and color in the URL, like so: … Color=blue


• Added a setting to set a cooldown between roulette rolls.
• Added a setting to change the time between the first bet and the number roll.


• Patches will now be numbered.


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