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#1 2016-12-13 17:14:39

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Built-in Commands Overhaul patch is here!

This patch is possible thanks to the Patrons who financially support Vivbot's development:
Scadymusic, Urnmgaming, Crimsonmay, Terrificfps, Jupiterrjazz, Neotras, Mqkosmos and 3 others who decided to stay anonymous.
If you want to see more updates, please consider supporting Vivbot's development on Patreon.

Also thanks to Urnmgaming and Bmatteson for their help with testing.


TL;DR: New configuration panel to adjust built-in commands in "Commands" tab on dashboard. Input processing is now smarter, will tell you what's wrong and provide the right syntax. Updated commands page to display the changes you've made in your channel. A bunch of settings moved to that panel and some removed.


This patch is focused on the commands built into Vivbot. Every single command has been updated to use the same style of responding to incorrect input. Commands will now say what you did wrong and suggest the correct syntax.

Now, every command available to users is customizable in the "Commands" table on the dashboard. For each command, you can adjust:

•  Enable/disable command
•  Rename the command
•  Change the cost
•  Change the rank requirement

All of these changes will be displayed on your commands page at A new command "!commands" will also post a link to that page.

The following settings have been removed:

•  Custom bet enabled - Custom bet module was removed. It will be improved and re-added if there is any interest. 
•  Songrequest required chatpoints - You can limit usage by ranks now. 
•  Songrequest percent cost - Removed.
•  Not enough currency message - Removed.
•  Giveaway minimum chatpoints - You can limit usage by ranks now.
•  Giveaway minimum timepoints - You can limit usage by ranks now.

The following settings have been removed, but the same effect can be achieved by adjusting the build-in commands. The changes you've made to these settings have also been transferred to the new system.

• !talk enabled
• !talk command cost

• Enable songrequest
• Songrequest Base cost
• Songrequest Flat cost

• Enable !roulette
• !roulette cost

• Enable the defuse module.

• Eight ball enabled
• Eight ball cost

• Currency enabled

• Give enabled

• !mycurrency enabled

• Queue join cost

• Gamble enabled

• Giveaway enabled
• Giveaway cost

• Ranks enabled
• !leaderboard enabled
• !top enabled

• Poll enabled

• streaminfo_uptime_enabled !uptime enabled
• streaminfo_viewers_enabled !viewers enabled
• streaminfo_followers_enabled !followers enabled
• streaminfo_schedule_enabled !schedule enabled

Since this is a very big patch, especially internally, I expect that there are some bugs that I didn't catch during testing. If you come across any, please post about it so I can quickly fix them.


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