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#1 2016-11-12 04:38:38

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Support Vivbot on Patreon - With rewards for contributors!

TL;DR: You can donate to Vivbot through Patreon and unlock cosmetic/miscellaneous features. People who have donated or helped me before will receive these features permanently for free.

I've decide to make a Patreon page for Vivbot. For those not aware, Patreon is a platform that allows people to support projects monetarily on a monthly basis. Vivbot costs increasingly more to run, so I thought I'd add a more reliable and rewarding method for people wanting to support Vivbot.

All the reward features will be cosmetic/miscellaneous. I will never impose artificial limits for the sole purpose of charging people to remove them

There are a few levels of rewards:

$1: Your name is listed on the supporter list and a forum badge.
$5: Unlock the option for Vivbot to use a different Twitch account (namechange).
$10: Get a customizable global command named after you. Global commands are available in all channels with Vivbot.
$25: Your name is listed on the front page of Vivbot.

You will find an additional section on the dashboards settings page where you can control these features. To get the features, you will need to connect your Patreon account here.

Thanks to everyone who has thanklessly donated to Vivbot through paypal. As a showing of appreciation, everyone who has donated at least $1 to Vivbot before this announcement will receive the $5 patron reward permanently. Unfortunately I don't have a way to associate donations with channels, so you need to whisper me on Twitch and provide the Paypal transaction ID.

Additionally, I have a select list of people who have helped me. They will get a special badge and receive the $5 patron reward permanently.


I don't have the best memory, so if you feel like you're missing on the list whisper me on Twitch.

Please keep in mind that the automatic rewards initially might have some problems. It's hard to test it without patrons. If they arise they will be fixed in a timely fashion.

This is very much an experiment and as always, feedback is very welcome.


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