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#1 2016-05-23 19:37:48

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Custom Commands Overhaul is here!

Here's a summary of new features:

• Custom commands don't have to start with a "!" and can contain spaces. 
• Using wildcards and functions, custom commands can have different output depending on many conditions.
• Using functions, custom commands can perform actions.
• Custom commands can be used to "rename" basic Vivbot commands.
• Custom commands can be restricted by rank.
• New dropdown menus to select required Permission level and Rank.
• Custom commands auto-repeating is now a whole lot simpler and convenient.
• Improvements to the dashboard interface.

A quick way to understand the capabilities of the new custom commands, there is a list of templates available for selection in the dashboard interface.

I've also somehow gathered enough willpower to write a very detailed Custom Commands Wiki Entry.

Due to it's complexity, I expect custom commands to have bugs, issues, and oversights. There is a new forum category to discuss and share custom commands here: Custom Commands Discussion. If you find any issues, have suggestions or other feedback, please post it there.


• Link filter now has a setting to allow certain ranks from being exempt from the filter.


#2 2016-07-10 19:03:54

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Re: Custom Commands Overhaul is here!



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