Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
saddota2tvPuppey+Mindcontrol=SaddotA / . Dota 21349
cryptoquadrillionaireJACKPOT HUNTING ROULETTE! Easy Money Dice Strats \ 24/7 Gambling \ Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Casino ~
koilCoding !ragemp !nopixelGrand Theft Auto V389
therenektontoponlyUnranked to Masters SOLO will not end todays stream until we hit DIAMOND!!! !gg !qbLeague of Legends285
badbunnnyTAKE NOTES BETHESDA. This is what Fallout 4 should've been.Metro Exodus247
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG- !rpg -Trivia- -Weekly Giveaways- !enterMusic & Performing Arts187
vashtvt[PVE] [XBOX] Save the World | 81 Hr Marathon! | TeamVASHFortnite165
fearoftheduckLOFI & TRIVIA | COME SELF PROMOTE | !F4F !TRIVIAMusic & Performing Arts136
hivenstFiguring out end of league events ect. Lets chat !embed Path of Exile134
vanes130yamakasi Creator-Code: LHVANES130Just Chatting126
fonikibekatsa #FoxarmyApex Legends125
trexcapadesAround the world challenge! - 200 Apex wins - Lvl 100 - 550 Blackout Wins Apex Legends110
coachwolfie89WP Hosted Games! !freekey !scheduleH1Z1104
sharpieplays!PartnerPush - Contra: Hard Corps [multi ends] - Road So Far - SEGA Crusade | Best of 760 Genesis titles, LIVE! | !road !sega | HardwareRetro102
latenightretro Woke up thinking about Jesus, and Shinobi. Happy Lord's Day. Retro102
hotbeatstvElectronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals - LIVE SHOWS SOON! Submit ur DJ-Set, break the peak & get 100 Amazon Credit! !amazonMusic & Performing Arts97
restrainmeMath Teacher Plays Call of Duty! #TheClassCall of Duty: Black Ops 497
lassesenpai TranceStation 24/7 Interactive Radio Music & Performing Arts94
shaddyshinopen apex Carriers 200 plus wins !giveaway Carrying Randoms? Apex Legends92
joey2tap1fappKaraoke Night!! Bang Main | Type !Giveaway In Chat | !263 | !Discord | !statsApex Legends75
supersprut_[NO/ENG] chilling, Apex #Hype come hang out Creator code: TWITCH-EASYTAGZZApex Legends73
greekmanzeusWebcam!! - Hybrid DK - Warlord Skin Test V.1The Elder Scrolls Online72
notsighsolo vs squads ez // !res !instagramFortnite71
ninja_with_no_lSmokey the BangaloreApex Legends71
whxbzDuos On West w/ Naga ! | !30 !wrFortnite67
tiobravewarsOPERADOR MEXICANO! !LOOTS Twitter: @TIOBRAVETom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege65
tyrekenolifeFirst Time Playing Apex Legends!!Apex Legends64
haven_kendrickMWO Now, SPOOK later!MechWarrior Online63
alouetteCustom Viewer Solos/Duos West!! // 1600+ wins // !giveaway !join !customFortnite62
killerboy_pabloFORTNITE SAVE THE WORLD 131- Frostnite 128 45 CLEARS !multi !creator !freesub !subloot !sub Fortnite61
texas_tryhard!drops Do Not StarveDon't Starve Together57
venturiantale1rocks101 wwe 2k19 WWE 2K1957 PvP-Enforced Real Map 22.2.2019, Friday 18:00 CETTibia55
shouman$hostme host giveaway !F4F !L4L !loot support small streamers.!videos "surprise reaction contents". enjoy the host and music. FreePrimeSubJust Chatting54
zoeguzmanhosting WEST customs | USE CODE ZOE | !customs | @parallelzoe | @team_parallelFortnite53
beanslayerxR1 Feral - Sub sunday! playing with the subssss!World of Warcraft49
rlcmxRocket Premier Jornada 4Rocket League48
xmexicanzGo4#101 #Txic-Ops(PS4 NA)Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege47
mynameatrainModded Rust - Now streaming under YPC GamingRust47
lemonpietv !gimme Playstation Cliassic TONIGHT Metal Memes Chaos Destruction Weirdest Stupidest Craziest Loudest Cringe FreeJump Force46
dizasterliveSunday/Monday FORTNITE / APEX !! EDIT COURSE ENTRY CODE: 6023-1311-6407 !! PLS USE MY Creator CODE: TTV-DIZASTERLIVE Fortnite46
g_win_g+8 HORAS ESPECIAL 5000 FOLLOWERS Regalo cofre a cada SUB/RESUB | !regalo | CDIGO CREADOR : G_WIN_G | nete al #TeamTomates |Just Chatting45
lsguapoSub Sunday 15/20!Sub #GFG #LLTGNBA 2K1945
spiidermantvLove this gameSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate44
cococo_tv ()Just Chatting42
smackingkidsNA-East Viewers & Subs Custom Games !customs !yt !ig !faze | CC: SmacksFortnite42
crash_zr230+ no gums // no jug // !2019Call of Duty: Black Ops III41
djbeyondearth#286: Hey, come and chill... love every minute... DO IT!Music & Performing Arts41
pharticusmaximusApex Legends || !giveaway || !freesub !questmode || !loots || #rebroadcastApex Legends41
japplestreamsPLAYING WITH VIEWERS! | Add me: JappleStreams | Custom Games Later :DFortnite39
portergamechannel24/7 Host Raffle and Self Promotion Just Chatting38
miserycop!freesub !loots - Freelancer miservel - Dia 3 - Acesso antecipadoAnthem37
hoovesellinPark Carrying Follower!! !psn !tourney !twitter #TheMove NBA 2K1936
lionkingmustafa[PS4] 6 KD 2nd account | Sunday fun Day !merch / Twitter: @Moosixer Call of Duty®: Black Ops 435
forbiddenkingsDoing a giveaway in my discord since we hit out sub goal :) lets make cheeks clap boyz !!! ( +18) Help me with a FollowAnthem34
taigaskRUN TAIGA RUN !freesub + !tipsAlien: Isolation33
spookypimpinOn Some Booty Killa Sh**Apex Legends32
hazelchildress4TALK TO ME Fortnite32
eswoogiHOME! Chill Beers & Catch up - SPEEDMEMES RETURN TOMORROW [nosrl]Just Chatting30
tariotvNEW !video // Community Game Night, at 10 pm! // February Sub Goal: 25/60 // !merch !fundraiser !scheduleApex Legends30
aaajriftingLVL 100, 2200+ kills #1 Mirage $1000 High Kill Apex Tournamnet !social !merchApex Legends30
ambermancha BODY PAINTING Whats your best dad joke?Just Chatting29
bakerxderek_NEW DAWN GOOTY SLAYER | @bakerxderek_ Far Cry: New Dawn29
blitzfire911HUGE Stream upgrade coming tomorrow! New Sound Equipment!!ATLAS29
jupiterrjazzBelieve it or not I AM a variety streamer ;PFar Cry: New Dawn29
thepatriotsliveCROSS PLATFORM SOLO CUSTOMS - SAC: LVBAG | !join - !customs - !rulesFortnite29
domino4272year TWITCHiVERSARY!! come play in the snow with me! it's scary down there. Thanks Unknown Worlds! !streamer !yt !alertsSubnautica: Below Zero28
realplaytvCRYPTO CHALLANGE $1 to 999 BTC. $1 999 BTC. #23.Crypto28
we_tote_30sMadden 19 I'm back 4 now Twitter @We_Tote_30s I.G @We_Tote_30sMadden NFL 1928
rupel_|this game causes depression |smurfs!Overwatch: Origins Edition27
jmoe161Sub Sunday | MOFOES | !youtube !twitterFortnite27
lndxleo[DotaAutoChess] Dota 227
nova_bunnyHi! Short stream just for fun :)Apex Legends27
a2etvE sport never sleep26
ashidolfrEigene CustomsFortnite26
strafe__tvMATCHInG EVERY SUB WItH a GIFT To a Viewer! #DareToAchieve HALo pro scrimsHalo 5: Guardians26
misterelita | |The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt26
itsemmaeliseWho Else Didn't Sleep? Creator Code: ITSEMMAELISE !sub !poboxFortnite26
k_doljung[] 45 with Overwatch25
nourhummertv 19 2019FIFA 1925
lvlalikWe Back Til The 24th!Apex Legends24
rageousssRe-Learning Fortnite- l !Giveaway l !Questmode I !Discord l !NewvidFortnite24
cheetojuiceBronze Drop @ 10:30pm CST Relaxing Sunday with Viewers| !sr !yt | Day 20:R2PEternal24
misspieceofcakeDiamond Today? | !prime !discordLeague of Legends24
soulotvSuper Gamer | AfroWeeb | !socialsFortnite23
xsincaraxChillin w CARA !GOFUNDME SUB GOAL 84/90Super Smash Bros. Ultimate23
edsayshush**WARNING** Screams/Alerts | !social !discordResident Evil 223
trevor_on_ps4(PS4) Come Hang Out|Getting Ready For The GETom Clancy's The Division™23
xxdramaxkingxx*NEW CUSTOM LOBBIES key is drama10 to join lobby. creator code xxdramakingxxFortnite23
realvizyR O A D TO SOTO4KAApex Legends22
itsswayzzzPro Sniper | Phantom Forces | Playing With Followers!! | GOT AFFILIATE!!!!ROBLOX22
ling_lingxPreseason GWL Hvt Elite Vs BlaqSun Faction 2 !giveaway Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands22
westduval33Running Wit Followers[Test Stream]NBA 2K1922
lovinurstyleNew Dawn !blind play +18 !glasses <3 !sub !loveFar Cry: New Dawn22
gifyourselfahighfivePLACEMENTS AND BOYBANDSLeague of Legends22
kidfamou5(XB1) (XBOX ONE) (Nintendo switch) (PS4) taking bodies and taking W's | #pushforpartner #partnergrind #pathtopartnerApex Legends21
readtitleHigh Octane, Maxed Out DINO GameplayThe Isle21
masterpleb5000wE WaNt RuSt | Vanilla Rust !discord !YouTubeRust21