Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
krisztiantv$500 2v2 BO7 Wager vs Zurg | !subNBA 2K202455
tourva(DROPS ENABLED) FAST & AGGRESSIVE | @TourvaCall of Duty: Modern Warfare1776
koilheySea of Thieves1257
marth88KIller Rotation!! Time to farm more Hag addons!Dead by Daylight567
xypher_avBuilding Streaming PC | !org | !socials | Controlla AVScience & Technology522
badbunnnydoes racism exist?Just Chatting423
angartan250 SUBS apuesta FULL TRYHARDLeague of Legends372
cpfor3WARZONE ISO GAWD I RUN SOLO SQUADSCall of Duty: Modern Warfare337
gsxrclyde!newvideo Farming Raids for armor // Gift 2 Subs for Emblem !social !emblemDestiny 2286
yuyitaaa!DROPS Activados y a jugar Sabado Solo Subs | !id !jugar sgueme !ig !redes !videoCall of Duty: Modern Warfare266
moxymaryJoel is my Daddy #nospoilersThe Last of Us Part II246
namvseyasnoWhoPG WeirdChamp !Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior240
lyfe89Elite 1 || Grindin w/ Squad|| Come ChillNBA 2K20239
hotbeatstv[EN - 24/7] Electronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals # Daily Live-Session from 7 PM - 12 AM CET # !live !playlist !discord !primeMusic & Performing Arts218
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -!trivia- Music & Performing Arts202
ujef" UM MAPAS DA EUROPA!" // !prime // of Duty: Black Ops III195
xaojoLan House do tio Xao - GTA MANSO RPGrand Theft Auto V190
aoz_batman*EARLY ACCESS* Halo 3 on PC // Console Giveaway // !gw // !PrimeHalo: The Master Chief Collection187
mathematicienWENDIREK AMOUGHCounter-Strike: Global Offensive177
roxgunners3Recording w/ Razz in Customs!! Creative Later | !code !rules || #OneOfAKindFortnite152
shoumanstay safe everyone !wow !casino !spotify !slots !tshirt !hostme !lurk !hug enjoy the beats much love, Charity, Connect !diner !casino128
mushu__TrillCityRP is HERE!! | !sub !primeGrand Theft Auto V119
spoopykittLive Action Powerpuff RP 1 bit =1 punchJust Chatting118
derickhanshaw27arena/solos. hopefully all coward players are gone. ASTRO A50 giveaway follow to enyer! !follow !chatFortnite115
livefromthemorgueBigCityRp ~ The Adventures of Joe Kerr ~ Eps# 337 ~ "The Big Guns" Grand Theft Auto V112
mileeva_ !)) Dead by Daylight109
highfee$500 start | Gambling is a team sport. | !stakeBlackjack107
consapc 24 | Overwatch102
manodestra777Raid & Dungeon/Exotic Helps! Giveaway at 100+ !emblem !discord !raffle for emblems! Destiny 2101
latenightretro 1st Episode Done. Take my hand, let us delve further into this game.Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 288
lokyoungwizopDrippy Da Don Demon Time| BLF TAKEOVER| Limelight RP| !Follow !discord !llrp !subGrand Theft Auto V86
dankcraft1Florencio Random Player & CraftsStarCraft II84
pikacaliSmol Healer Keys | Hi, qts. | !healersWorld of Warcraft82
babyfnelson[PC] Iron-Horse Farm & Exotic Grinding | #AVerMediaPartner #ChillVibes | !Discord !Twitter !YouTube | Turn On NotificationsTom Clancy's The Division 282
chic619ALWAYS & FOREVER, Y'ALL WE BE MY SATURDAY LOVES!!!? #blm#chic619 #dachurch #thecookout #YOUTUBEDead by Daylight81
noahbeeCommunity Day! Gearing and PLing Followers !FollowDiablo III: Reaper of Souls80
vashtvtSave the World !PLAY and !QUP All Day Every Day - Playing Whatever You Want Between Queues!!Fortnite80
a2etv gamesWorld of Warcraft79
neweragermany[GVMP] GTA RP | Konnichiwa, Familie! | Nowak in der YakuZa #Y4L Grand Theft Auto V77
lena_maraBlood over blood! BLIND! First run! | C.O.M.J.U.N.I.D.Y <3 | !merchBloodborne71
chilledkat lofi beats to relax, game & chill | Join !discord !patreon !tip Music & Performing Arts71
hobolucky STW Giveaway Night Free Everything Also Subscribe For 30 130s Or 5k traps |Share the stream| Rejoins Every 10 min /subs every 5 minFortnite69
actrollvisionSpa 24HR TeamWooooo!iRacing.com61
enyzonChamp Incoming?| Facecam | FREE Sub with !prime [Ger/Eng]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege60
glacexoxo SEA OF THIEVES TODAY!!! Sea Of Thieves60
sharpieplays#978 ~ Earth Defense ~ SEGA Crusade (93.76%) ~ Genesis ~ Console Challenge on Big OG HardwareRetro60
ciromakeyouqqSono vivo, giuro / !kassa League of Legends57
pipa_argPOR QUE TAN ELEGANTE HOMERO ? salio stream drink perroo Meta subs 109/120 !sub !donacion !exitlag !cofres !droidcamJust Chatting53
naptimezSWATURDAY! Late Night Dranks ~ Some Like it SWAT (Champ 1) !subgames !tourney Halo 5: Guardians47
sanderst99Osiris con Seguidores! - !torneo !369 !ayuda !recov !advancedGG !commandsDestiny 246
alouetteTrio Scrims | NorCal Alouette | (793 Day Streaming Streak) !discord !tiktok #ONEOFAKINDFortnite44
nathskeinnCLASH con edeluwu IG: JungleritazLeague of Legends44
trumpet_0105 GuJian44
mechafMukbang at 7:30pm PDT o:Food & Drink42
xoblossom[PS4] Tired of Carrying Zen and Ana playersOverwatch: Origins Edition42
vintageroomlofi hip hop radio 24/7 - Relax, Game & Study Radio Music & Performing Arts42
nourhummertv !!!! + FIFA 2042
plege_wagering khanada and zayn | !wagerFortnite41
rockodk1000 % Liljan Longjohn! :UGrand Theft Auto V41
nilslegend*EUW-GOLD* *NILSLEGEND* (Adda ZeroPulses2g p League om du ska vara med p turneringen p Lrdag 18/7)League of Legends40
ballzygamingSave The World Twine N' Grind Instagram @BallzygamingFortnite40
mrspieltIn lol reinfeeden garkein bock!League of Legends38
miserycop!sons - BLoP e MiserySquad juntas em zonas de conflito!Elite: Dangerous38
vmaniacvSabias que en Canad hay ms lagos que en el resto del mundo? !Discord !Donacion !Pc !Sens !TalentTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege36
mizuno_babebig chillin | drinkin and rocket leaguinRocket League36
ravengoingup2x GIRATINA SRs// !recent // @RavenGoingUpPokémon Sword/Shield36
mackenziebecketWAYFAIR CONSPIRACYJust Chatting36
demiighodTeam Up Wagers w/LaMonsta! !sub !sr !buildNBA 2K2035
mambabrownBest Center in Comp Stage | (153/200)Sub Goal |!subNBA 2K2035
shockwavezttv!LiveOrDie - Chief of Police - T-mod - !connectGrand Theft Auto V34
kal_el_of_awesomeThe World of Wrestling Interactive Network presents: SHOWDOWN! #B42 #BFT #MOSTInteractive #StreamLoots #StreamGifts #PhoenixCartel #NOVAWWE 2K1934
aaajfabio[ARG/ESP] TOMANDO MALAS DECISIONES!!!! - !squad !sonidosLife Is Strange 233
kendrabooMamii TIPSY :) Daily subs 26/6 !discord Apex Legends33
missalicatHIIIII | !merch | !nova !skybound !eobThe Binding of Isaac: Rebirth33
bfnationsBrazil vs Argentina | BFN Summer Cup 12v12 | ConquestBattlefield V32
skacleTrials/Comp Carries !Join !GFuel Giveaways !Silver (Day 16)Destiny 229
intel79Trials :DDestiny 229
sparkles1072colored pencils are hard // !coronaArt29
chillhopmusiclofi hip hop radio - chill/study beats [Official Chillhop Music Stream]Music & Performing Arts28
calibury[AUS] DRUID BALANCE leveling!! - Achievement Progress! // @CaliburyTwitch on SocialsWorld of Warcraft27
masterpleb500090 nukes CEO of infectedjust chatting27
souleszzVIENDO SUS CLIPS Y VIDEOS !trio !sub !igJust Chatting26
shonuff2003Zombies: Easter Eggs [PS4, PC, XBOX]Call of Duty: Black Ops 425
blitzfire911$3200 !PCgiveaway in 6 Days!! Mischief Maker Kills = Raffle Tickets!7 Days to Die25
saviorzombie3467New channel points! also doing friendlies on fighterZ Dragon Ball FighterZ25
hcusatourHc Division A! Rocket League24
dreamcrazzy24 hour stream!!! Shock Darts and Broken Hearts !uptimeVALORANT24
kidadelphia__chill vibes with the boys !sub (Dms Still Open) !sr go crazy road to 700 followers NBA 2K2024
thecoldtreatsSaturday Night SassMarbles On Stream24
a_jaxxIRL Claw machine streamjust chatting 23
spoogen[NA] Solo Scrims 8PM EST - Good vibes onlyRoyal Crown23
yeyodethYD 208 - LOVE COLADATom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege23
vagrantthoughtFirst Playthrough - No BackseatingThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild23
aleeaspreciouslifeCarrying the best legend @Fl0w_Jerk !sub !socials !bitbossFortnite23
urdaddydiesel|| let's chill || PVP/Legendary || DieselArmy || !Prime !Sub !DiscordTom Clancy's The Division 222
naughtycrumbbumBeerLeague of Legends22
thereal_janchor!join !sub [Don't Kill My Vibe] | #Technisport #RazerStreamer #Streamloots #BattleRoyaleRealm Royale22