Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
cloudyk1ttenWe Lit Cat LifeCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3652
taketv_overwatch[24H Stream] [] Die Urzeit ruft!!Realm Royale648
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG Game- !rpgMusic413
neonbiack1 EXTRA CHILLICasino386
rexomasterIRL MED REXOIRL205
greekmanzeusBlood for the Blood God - War is here!The Elder Scrolls Online205
devinlvirgi [!loots,!discord]Escape From Tarkov181
chiefdasFamilyRP | Face. | Fight NightGrand Theft Auto V180
drhd305We Live! Smoke Fest Pull Up!H1Z1120
poorboysinTOP10 SUPER MAX LEADERBOARDS! | YT & Twitter: PoorBoyOnline | !myrank for PoorCoins! !top for leaderboard!NBA 2K18117
vdeonFortnite Season 5 HypeFortnite110
maddyelizabeth[PC] Sub giveaway at 8 PM CT tomorrow. !sub !ggTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege110
caneville352Tunnel Vision vs New Lane Militia League final 4 NBA 2K18103
chic619The dish ran away with the sppon ijs...huh, nevermind! #getchicpartnered2018 #DaChurchOverwatch101
j4lorg(PS4) 3v3 Fundraiser Come hang out!Call of Duty: WWII97
nilslegendAdventure in @Vietnam?!IRL88
lokyoungwizop[XB1] New Heat just dropped on YT !heat !discord !youtube !beta !sr Tom Clancy's The Division85
originsstaffs(Rumbo al #1) 1330+ SOLO WINS (toxico)Fortnite80
demisxxualIM FOKN NASTY ranking up MASTERZCall of Duty: WWII79
cobblecorn96at the shelter right now looking for a puppy :)Creative77
slayanimosityGB's | #SlayGang #ReviveCoDCall of Duty: WWII75
xlaixGece yayn ! Belki sabahlarz :)
jupiterrjazz[ENG] No addon tankin'World of Warcraft70
thecoldtreatsLoot Midget Drops Only PlaythroughBorderlands 269
cgl_beastNeed to shave but O well~ !slivertv ~ ~ !store ~PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS68
theofficialdc3PS4 Militia Semifinals Matchup vs Tunnel Vision !SUB !DONATENBA 2K1868
marth88Warframe to start then to identity V later!!!!! Time to farm more mastery rank!!!!Warframe65
teamswishesportsWR Finals BO7 0-0 vs PTP NBA 2K1863
xaojo#MARICONAS_NIGHTMagic: The Gathering61
chactories440% Snipers Only | Coming at you live from ChactownThey Are Billions61
glacexoxoHappy Birthday Midnigtt!!! !socialsIRL51
angelwolfvgDiscord RankedVainglory49
burky2412[PS4] 2600+ Power! Ark Hunting w/Clan Wanna Join? New Players Welcome! !clan Defiance 205046
sophiabotHELLO FROM BOSTON1!1! Dead by Daylight44
themoonmanttvstream talk <3 - @MrSafeZoneosu!43
oberlinxShort RunsLet It Die42
playbookMASS UNBANMadden NFL 1842
i_play_too_much_gragasSaturday night social lifeLeague of Legends38
wilson108I have a crush on JasonFriday the 13th: The Game33
brokeneyezTo Gauntlet or Not to Gauntlet? That is actually the question...Vainglory33
brogames[Brogames] IconoClasts Parte6 [ !streamgames !sorteio ]Iconoclasts32
jewwcittvTournament w/ TuuGreat @8pm ESTFortnite32
tellogamer18Tello NOCHES DE ROL //SUB CAP DE LA POLICIAIG:@valennclemGrand Theft Auto V32
blitzfire911Warframes and 3D Printing Hawkmoon! !spinWarframe31
zonntohnX1 Trials HelpDestiny 230
babyfnelson#1E DZ PvP and Chill! #PositiveVibes - !Youtube !TwitterTom Clancy's The Division30
damnation_viiBL 120 PVP / Come chat or join Bloodborne30
latenightretroMan Plays his favorite game as fast as he can. #noidlife #supdoodRetro30
alouettePLAYING FOLLOWER GAMES @ 6PM MDT!! HMU!! !join !giveawayFortnite29
midniteplaysXbox One X | !Giveaway !Prime | 3X BATTLE PASS GIVEWAY THIS SUNDAY @6pm EST(US ONLY) | 765+ Wins | 16350+Kills|Fortnite28
bossness1234_gamingPS4 // Guaranteed flawless!!! !multiDestiny 228
ferrellcatDVA COSPLAY & PLACEMENTSOverwatch27
hazelchildress4GOAT GODDESS follow/sub/twitter hazelfierceNBA 2K1827
rahaffx[AR/EN] Detroit: Become Human26
sparkles1072Who's stream is it really, mine or my chat's? || !ht || !goalsFortnite25
snowstop!Giveaway for BATTLE PASS (Season 5) || !play to WIN this Season! || Interactive StreamerFortnite24
sevensswords!gt !fc Homes and upgrading towns 100% games Minecraft24
alfiehaynesuk[PS4][EU] For Honor | Servers Are Down, God Is A Woman, The End Is Near! | #TeamNoSleep | !discordFor Honor24
b5jbV-BUCK GIVEAWAYS EVERY 3 WINS! !wincountFortnite23
readtitleStill just doin the do @TwitchReadOverwatch23
streamiiitop500 incomingRealm Royale23
awesomeforte[PS4] Amazing Diamond Console Gameplay FatOverwatch23
sbladeivideo gameWizard10122
zoeguzmanTrying to hit clips w/ REAL Faria ll | @ZoeGuzman_Fortnite22
angryboyer[ENG/PH/ILOCANO] [PC] Pacquiao vs Matthysse. sub goal 12/20.Boxing22
cowboys_0988BEST SNIPER!!!!!!!!!//#B42EMPIREFortnite22
lovinurstyleSub games all weekend !giveaway !sub !love // !social Minecraft22
xdynamicxskillsxWe Stay Lit!!| |B04 Beta August 3rd !! | Follow Me on Instagram @ DynamicSkillsTv Call of Duty: Black Ops III22
yoma97I hate anyone* that watches me play this >:(Welcome to the Game II21
kaorumi(^q^)Oxygen Not Included21
notethenoobCome Chat Random Squad W/Viewers! 8 Subs Till Goal!PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS21
sweetheartstarPC/US :D Sub Saturday :) later!!!Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege21
ni8htSonntaaaaag <3...PS4/ger/18+H1Z120
itsblazehoeI couldn't think of a titleFortnite20
missaccuracy!Sub l Fortnite 46/50 subs l learning no vibrationFortnite20
spiidermantvBe careful... !STRAWBERRY [Day 5 OUT OF 100]Super Smash Bros. for Wii U20
e_d_n_iii_pigeon24 HOUR STREAM! Thanks so much for 1,000 followers! <3 | !discord | !prime | Come Say Hi! ^-^ |osu!20
kidfamou5 (XB1) (XBOX ONE) 12 hour stream weekend | R6S tournament TBA | twitter @kidfamou5 | partnership pushFortnite19
jfreethatsmeTop Solo Player! | Islands of Nyne !Giveaway | twitter: @_JFreeIslands of Nyne: Battle Royale19
razelleignacio ~ Playing on PC Servers with an Xbox Controller! ~ Fortnite19
nazboo_ps4 tournament come and enterCall of Duty: Black Ops III18
charmquark_Platy-pro Weekly #28StarCraft II18
botnatichan0[ESP/COL] Chupistream con el hatake ! IRL18
faifurRelax in the TavernDark Souls III17
sutsith(PC) For Honor Shenanigans For Honor17
birdwingzw/ Viewers (: | !join | Day #4Fortnite17
chronodotaPMA Contenders Main Tank | !discordOverwatch17
jasonbakenOnly god can clutch me (QC/FR)PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS17
shizu_nyanworld of monster hunter wanMonster Hunter Freedom17
blackhawlk11Let's Get The Job Done! | PUBG Top 10 NA Solo Player | Twitter: @CritsHappenLiveTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege17
himeahriTodays goal is 30 views! Thank you for making my dreams come true! Fortnite16
owlthingsFirst Time For Scaring !givevaway Sub Goal 27/50 Dead by Daylight16
venomous76games || !discordFortnite16
lassesenpai EVENT: Classic Trance Night TranceStation Twitch Edition 24/7 Radio Music16
livefromthemorgueKaraoke Kit Kat Klub / $1.00 Shots! The Joy Of Sex16
rfox07playing solo wagers! [!twitter],1500+ winsFortnite15