Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
sheviiioficialARNOLD OHIO CONFIRMED! #ESQUISITOWGrand Theft Auto V5445
izakoooIZAK W PPLu... JEST WESOO...Counter-Strike: Global Offensive4784
r0adhouse23 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game879
chefstrobelDer realste der realen Chefs | Suche Grafikdesigner (Animation) | 536/600 Subs | !prime | !yt | !lootsFortnite525
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG Game- !rpg Music335
dr4m4_play [4/5] ! 5 )))) [!] PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS316
taketv_overwatch[] [RR] Inkasso Vallahi !! Luxus Autos,Geld,Frauen,Geheimnisse und Informationen!! Alessio auf der Suche nach allem !! GTA RPGrand Theft Auto V241
alena4pGTA V RP: . Combros, day1Grand Theft Auto V191
thebuldogzerCZ/SK WOT - 2 hoky tonk - Zkusme osmiky a nco vydlat (?)World of Tanks159
rhykkerS13 starts Feb 23. Tier list this week. I'm going monk/DH in S13. Game Giveaway at end of stream!Diablo III: Reaper of Souls146
customstories Talk Shows136
as2pikisrealEFT - La gloire du stuff !Escape From Tarkov106
timkalationPro AM Training! Bilanz verbessern! :]NBA 2K18104
xanorinea[FIN/ENG] GTA RP // StatusD // Sheriffin hommia!Grand Theft Auto V103
the_devilstwinFortnite Top1 Biggest Noob in Fortnite 720p Fortnite98
johnylemonadeGTA RP | Combros | | 3 ( 4)Grand Theft Auto V96
yulia_dangosha , League of Legends96
mambabrownew ra we on top !NBA 2K1895
originsstaffsCASI en 400 VIctorias en SolitarioFortnite95
adv4uMittwoch heit Mittwoch, weil Mittwoch in der Mitte der Woch is! - Dead by DaylightDead by Daylight94
th3cloudgamingThe Cloud League - Jornada 4 Da 1League of Legends94
josh_vargoAll-Time Indians Team - Baseball is BACK!MLB The Show 1792
ddobrayaRISOVASHI ( ) IRL91
vondervogelweide1AUT/ENG{PS4}Fortnite Turnier HEUTE 20 UHR !!!! Fortnite91
caneville352Stage NBA 2K1878
unclebjorn[] . | UncleBjornWorld of Warcraft77
moxymaryBellydance Practice StreamIRL73
youpoe 15 Mouz - C9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive69
just_diggles[WaR] !drops !prime climb to gm with hillockGwent: The Witcher Card Game69
tecone35TRKYE PRO LGCounter-Strike: Global Offensive68
darthronBleach Opera RaidDissidia: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia64
sgpro_chemodanopen case, 5000 eloCounter-Strike: Global Offensive64
sadfurylune ogrywanie jRPGThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II62
iamliaaaROS PC: Let us do this! Chicken Dinner!Mobile Legends: Bang bang57
kavalierpiratViewergames Squad :3PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS57
tumqoo[LIVE] Garena ROV - #!! [HD]Fortnite52
triplegzgaming[ENG/ESP] VIIIIBBEZZZZZZZZZZZFortnite48
lndxleo ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeperMinecraft47
meaninglessnameMdchenabend ( _)League of Legends47
laxing_tvTTS and some pro plays!Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege44
haemhypeDOCZ DO MOJEJ LIGII NA FACEIT -> !liga, !ts 30sek delayCounter-Strike: Global Offensive42
dearannie ru/engIRL42
guslya_tv - 15 (18+)World of Tanks41
snaxximanSick streamThe Elder Scrolls: Legends41
ikenthagoatCOMP STAGE NBA 2K1840
tmn_los1E RUNS THE DZ!!! NO QUESO NEEDEDTom Clancy's The Division36
xlaixFORTNITE PLAYS 4 FUN -_- Fortnite34
srscythegame[EN/ES] Scythe.sO-On | Outbreak operation!!!! Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege34
peachsqueezealtersTiny Artz [!Giveaway] [Rogue's Gallery]Magic: The Gathering34
roneffect77XBOX BLACK NINJA #MHGFortnite32
haven_kendrickBlack Lanner Testing on Workout Wednesday!MechWarrior Online32
ninjastruncisXBOX FORTNITER Save the World , My MIC broke, HELP ?./ PRESS FOLLOW MY CHANNEL /Giveaway -Founder packFortnite Battle Royale31
souhotong ()80%/League of Legends30
thecoldtreatsThe Hunt Day 2: Gaige - RNGesus Pls!Borderlands 230
magna_tvPODCAST: Overwatch League w/ DereneckoOverwatch29
dariamilk IRL29
godlike_machine ! [Chigi]Hearthstone28
luisao57[ENG/PS4] TILTED TOWERS MAYHEM W/ VIEWERS | !discord | Twitter: @Luisao_57Fortnite25
otec_evgen (!)IRL25
queenbkilln_emKate has no Clue DaDaDADUOS Day!!Fortnite25
samtaptapDivision 1 Pro Clubs! BIG PLAYS EVERYDAY !tournament - @SamTapTap [ENG]FIFA 1824
vafnStefan 'psykistinstabil' FALk | Svenko Familjo Rollspelo Grand Theft Auto V23
ryanjbarberWWE-Sports LeagueWWE 2K1823
lucierebecca[UK] Worst DBD player EU...Dead by Daylight23
nickthesaiyanSupra RZ Mar.10th Master Fairlady Build !discord !sub Twitter @NickTheSaiyanTVNeed for Speed Payback23
ninja_with_no_lBrain Bashers Anonymous | Day 2 Dying LightDying Light23
whyyysoooseriousssMittwoch mit SoM & Pubg - Wird es wieder Salzig? #SubHype !prime !insta !discordPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS23
xpromvzPro Player For DooM Clan DooM xProMvz #4 Career - Follow Me On Twitter @xProMvzCall of Duty: Black Ops III22
jonbrown__[ENG|PS4] DC & Chill KappaPrideNeverwinter22
akafaymeQuality TestRift21
misssweettea[PS4] Haven't played in a few days...Rise and grind. Call of Duty: WWII21
finateia4 , :Dota 220
ctakah4eg ? ?IRL20
missaccuracyGbs and some Ranked :3 <3 12/15 SUBS <3Call of Duty®: WWII20
vikyscreamingRAMEN 940g - 12.502 KJIRL20
mrbigpanties10[XB1] MBP does FWC STUFF / Road to Partner !Trials !Priority !Sub !ClanDestiny 220
f1uid , [RU]Horizon Zero Dawn19
ch13fatifGetting these W's with the gangFortnite19
therealsdm!fishcam LegeRuneScape19
skillzonetvUgu + Val a pravideln dvka emoc Kingdom Come19
emortalnightWesteros RP|The Storm Princess| Sylena BaratheonARK19
corsair_creedCome bro to comBROS | , .Grand Theft Auto V19
pinayprincessaSOLO TODAY/75 SOLO WINS / !prime Fortnite19
kinared #8The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild18
pau_wauHeavy Rain| Heavy Rain18
babydollkittyTheBaddestFemaleGamerNBA 2K1818
subuterpwnageupdate gelecamiPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS18
habsfrank(QC/FR/EN) LAN JDL 5-6-7-8 octobre /// lanjdl.caRuneScape17
pestanacsgo[PT/ENG] Ty pelo support iRuanita, caetano1331 & johnnyp96 | Sponsored by Trust GamingCounter-Strike: Global Offensive17
little_cammsThis time I'll get a winFortnite17
wolkenzottelMitmach-Mittwoch**Quiplash**Drawful**Blackstorys**Choice ChamberIRL17
z4t0x(GER/ENG) Terranigma Any%Terranigma16
femsssEnd of season is near! | almost weekend.. maybe? :) | Moira main in progressOverwatch16
gejmeroKnife Giveaway happening soon! CS:GO med grabbarna (SWE/ENG)Counter-Strike: Global Offensive16
masl1992Raid Day !! Road to 1000 !Destiny 216
killaj120!join spiderman plays fortnite!Fortnite16