Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
unclebjorn | SL - of Warcraft1452
tmemoryy5 K/D, 18,000 TOTAL COD NUKES, MAX SENS MONSTER, TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS @TMemoryy_T1Call of Duty: Modern Warfare1061
the_devilstwinPlatform cash cup Fortnite599
buckviker1CAPTAIN FOOCHIE TIME / !discordFall Guys588
impactgamingclan[MARATONA DAY] RITORNO DALLE VACANZE !GIVEE !DROP !SOCIALCall of Duty: Modern Warfare582
cpfor3I HIT 100K AND BABY OTW?????? | TJ GOT A GTA GIRRRRRRLLLLGrand Theft Auto V547
shoumanstay safe everyone, check out my store !mystore !spotify !slots !tshirt !hostme !lurk !hug enjoy the beats much love, !billion441
chefstrobel19 Uhr Solo Cup. Morgen 14 Uhr Gymstream mit Benny und Nina! | !prime !levlupFall Guys381
streamiii#ardvuorc #dedichescion | STASERA TORNEO GLL | !instagram !instantgaming !youtubeApex Legends360
ciklopper[RU/ENG] , ! !boostyJust Chatting302
wolfangkillersEsto cada dia se complica mas el subir de eloCounter-Strike: Global Offensive265
cuffemCod w/Bronny n Adin !prime !subCall of Duty®: Modern Warfare®222
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -!trivia- Music & Performing Arts221
poorboysinHOOPIN | 20% off first time subs !sub SUB GOAL: 1479/2000 !merch !newyt !yt !twitter !ig !build !donate !cashapp !breonna !tonyNBA 2K20217
vancouver0790 DAY FIANCE ROAST SESSIONJust Chatting188
gths 5300 /! ! Dead by Daylight180
srscythegameRankeds pa to a la vida! | !yt !redes Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege170
aelrisps4New Game+ ultra hardHorizon Zero Dawn167
sharpieplaysLive revisit of #473 ~ James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing ~ SEGA Crusade (96.15%) ~ Genesis ~ Console Challenge on Big OG HardwareRetro167
jay_savage95LEGEND 4X IN A ROW NBA 2K20164
hotbeatstv[EN - 24/7] Electronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals # Daily Live-Session from 7 PM - 12 AM CEST # !liveMusic & Performing Arts159
chilledkat lofi beats to relax, game & chill | Join !discord !patreon !tip Music & Performing Arts149
rarenorm!PLAYLIST #1 Content Creation Safe | HIP - HOP RADIO | 1 $ Music Submission @ | !multi | !giveawayMusic & Performing Arts139
alleyesondeeDEE AFTER DARK! | !sub !socials !ytJust Chatting129
bardlymissedUnranked to Challenger Support only !porofessor !coaching !subgoalLeague of Legends121
crorat1NL-ENG / Warzone / DROPS ENABLED / Not a pro Player / Just having fun / Join usCall of Duty: Modern Warfare107
t_sven - VALORANT95
only_smiles Hearthstone90
dearannie ONLINEJust Chatting78
namvseyasnoanus MLADYJust Chatting78
knightenator[UK]Pre Poker Tournament WSOP Mini main event $500 buy in // GGPoker #ad (2 min delay)Poker77
little_cammsHello I Love You || !yt !sneak !igApex Legends77
kungfoyWell of (Rad)iance !emblemDestiny 273
isxpplyx115[PS4] Recurring Nightmares! Come Join Us!Friday the 13th: The Game70
tentativetvthis AUSTRALIAN peak top 230 RANK support PLAYER is CARVING a PATH through the RANKED scene with the DEXTERITY of a TEXAN rattlesnake (woah)Overwatch64
lambiase200!Giveaway Avengers REASSEMBLE Beta GameplayMarvel's Avengers62
cyhunnnasipte varsaaa zleyici Game! | zledike Skin Kazan | !epin !skin !cfg !dc !instaCounter-Strike: Global Offensive61
vintageroomlofi hip hop radio 24/7 - Relax, Game & Study Radio Music & Performing Arts58
klerifyWe Vibin' | !newVid | #DinoGangCall of Duty: Modern Warfare48
weskerrrrSOLOQ LOVER.Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege46
fire7768 #Warzone #Fireunity @I__FIRE__I #Ger #Eng #PS4Live #BURN #Dicefriend Call of Duty: Modern Warfare45
lylithyy(SUBSDAYZADA 12hr) PvP & PvE GLHF (Stream Raiders ON) - #TMJLogitechGStream Raiders45
chillhopmusiclofi hip hop radio - chill/study beats [Official Chillhop Music Stream]Music & Performing Arts40
mrrkessko[Homestate | GER 18+] BK lost in Los Santos | Neues zu Hause, neue Liebe? | !char !theUGrand Theft Auto V38
clock_tvayn ortasn ettik bile World of Tanks34
kittykingtvI LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Face Cam !socials !pillow !newvidJust Chatting34
lassesenpaiTranceStation Interactive RadioMusic & Performing Arts33
irr3gulargamingOCE Alli 4.7k | Viewer Keys/Carries 15-16'scall of duty: modern warfare33
ffunnyaCounter-Strike: Global Offensive31
chilledempire24/7 lofi hip hop radio - beats to study/relax toMusic & Performing Arts31
quantum_waveyyRandom Squads! w/ ? !TeamDiverge !Discord !Twitter !Instagram !Tiktok !YoutubeFortnite31
rbikysSUB GOAL (33/45) doing stuff!!!!!!! WITH ALL FOLLOWERS! !giveaway !discord #RazerStreamer Rocket League30
kaieeee14Full time STREAMEEEEEEEER!Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege28
patrickdr_Estou melhor, bora dale !META SUBS `[32/50] // !sens !subs !metaVALORANT27
f1uid Bloodborne26
coopb9LIVE Fortnite Customs | Fashion show | Scrims | Hide and Seek | OCE | AUS | Sub goal 3/15 | $20 prize at 15 subs | !verify Fortnite26
akeada[ FTB Revelation ] Magic Stuff And Things With ThaumcraftMinecraft25
brunabuenoPrimeira inscrio no canal com 20%OFF.Drops HABILITADOS. discord lojinha clipes insta @brunabuenogamesCall of Duty: Modern Warfare24
englishmonsterHuman Origins || Night Terror *18 + Stream*Just Chatting24
lila_booFPS not foundCall of Duty: Modern Warfare23
amykevych Just Chatting 23
gabe_todaroStage 3s~ Join Up For a Series~ Sub Goal 119/125~ !prime !sub !discord !twitter !ytNBA 2K2023
aranel_edhellen, ( ) 2.Ghost of Tsushima23
drcluchvibing | !sub !twitterJust Chatting22
unlabel[eng/rus] VALORANT22
chaos_91Chill Animal Crossing stream with friends in the call | I need to terraform soon >.<Animal Crossing: New Horizons22
dj_mayne(BLIND) Where ever the wind blows. (Hard/Act2)Ghost of Tsushima22
krazy_bongRESOLVEDOR T ON !! [10K ?]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare22
punisher_girl ! Risk of Rain 222
ant_trapoholicFORTNITE WITH GANG!! PULL UPFortnite22
kinared Fall Guys21
ruthers108I'm not addicted, you're addictedUndermine21
bigdaddytrist[OCE] Creative with viewers !socials !epicFortnite21
phoenixplosive Mega Pilzdorf [Music & Chill]Minecraft21
sobor6Za co BAN ? za smurfa czy toxic ? :D JustRP niedugo na liscie serwerw! Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege20
magicmlkeLeague Challenge med Ezegamez - !NewTattoo !Shop !KopShop !Instagram !platchalLeague of Legends20
sevensswords!fc help us Just splating in bed better slowly some fun !fc !raffle Splatoon 220
themarkofgee[ENG-NA] CB Content Creator - Get that bronze back!Conqueror's Blade20
eliseboogaabje[NL] LotusRP | Elise op avontuur! | Road to 2.8K followersGrand Theft Auto V20
gamestreambysanyaHorizen Zero Dawn!!11Horizon Zero Dawn20
rumiinMOOGLE - LEVEITO RICO !ig para conseguir tu juego !Discord para subs !social FINAL FANTASY XIV Online19
shiyu26158/13 GuJian19
viktor_t The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim17
wenotratAkam BBL'in ma var! Desteklemeye gidiyoruz!VALORANT16
jamiejaygamingDay 12 In That Coin Game House Who Will Win !glass !event #bitbitbitbit #binx #WWS !roleplayThe Coin Game16
vflowerAQ Opening Event (EU PVE Mirage Raceway Alliance )World of Warcraft15
warttorMicrotok AdihatelniiTom Clancy's The Division 215
eskagamingtvFragging /w Friends 357+ WIns !loadout !discordCall of Duty: Modern Warfare15
willnba2kgaming (AUS) !!! KING CHIEF IS BACK!!!!!! !!! EVERY SUB GETS A BLOW ON TRUMPET !!!!! !!!!!!!!! 125/160 !!!!| !sub !freesubNBA 2K2015
ducksfan95chill stream | sub Goal 19 /35 Minecraft14
fishmack187Apex w/ Randoms | $200 giveaway at 200 followers|Apex Legends14
un_snipzzmaybe the last time on this fucking mapCall of Duty: Black Ops III13
salzbrglisaPokemon art day with the elf! Let the dorkiness commence!Art13
gameusedu34000FR/PS4/Girl le serveur est openARK: Survival Evolved13
thesixthanarchyTime To Fragg | NAE | 2.5+ K/D | 130+ Wins | Road To 250 FollowersWarzone13
s3sh Pirates of Dark Water [MD] Sega Mega DriveRetro12