Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
paoloidoloESL Championship Day 2 - CGG VS MOR (0-2) | Paolocannone SoloqueueLeague of Legends905
taketv_overwatch[] Alessio - SPLS , #DB11 / Grove Street Family - Izaak Biggs!! Spter Blackout Grand Theft Auto V651
tecone35TPL/ FULL FOCUS FAST WN / !yemeksepeti !dreamteamCounter-Strike: Global Offensive477
kobe0802 Triple Bar to 93 Let's GOOOOOOOO Twitter @Kobe0802NBA 2K19462
conducteir77Nejist loveck sezona:-)Hunt: Showdown419
moxymaryDrops! Drain Vitality Ivy Cosplay & ESO Just Chatting336
badbunnny 24 hour stream i guess | MY NEW SERVER (no you're not invited)Minecraft306
top_joka_sm0kaHelp me make this a dream follow!!Fortnite286
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG Game- !rpgMusic & Performing Arts284
zeiingZeling | SOLOQQ NOCTURNO. SIN TILT.League of Legends272
paxelolM+ 16 HUNTER 8/8 MITICO RADIO PAXELWorld of Warcraft240
texas_tryhard24/7 Stream. Drops Enabled. !drop !new <3 free self promotingEternal227 CoP Sonny Rightwill patroluje ulic sonecznego Los Santos!Grand Theft Auto V215
teufeursTeufCall of Duty: Black Ops 4211
rexomasterFYLLESTREAM! just a gl just a gl just a gl! jeg tenker meg, jeg tenker subs, jeg tenker giveawayJust Chatting203
mika7474Giveaway Galaxy Skin!!!!Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4202
beyazsakalonuron81 Oluyoruz Holy +7 Set - amar bulak derken aamadm k.bakma Yeni silahlar golden egg detaylar - Online174
timkalationFM 2019! Den 1. FC Kln zu neuem Ruhm fhren! \o/Football Manager 2019171
2lanzadosEspecial 3000 en El garigolo SORTEAZO Deck win y key 25 sorteos solo para hoy :DMagic: The Gathering170
luuliguzmanPolish Pro League - Odbierz swj prezent !prezentCounter-Strike: Global Offensive155
missalicatI don't know what I'm doingCall of Duty: Black Ops 4139
ladyrarwSoloQ Platino l !SR Objetivo: 6 subpoints y sorteo ;w; | @KatthTV ()League of Legends137
angryfist85Music Drum&bass today and blackops !giveaway BO4 subsCall of Duty: Black Ops 4134
staha92You have heard of me! | Join The Nites | !SubFortnite130
freeaudio 24/7 Copyright Free Music Enhanced Audio Gaming Music Chill - Trap - EDM Music & Performing Arts114
avikspa :) | 56. 18+ | Shock-World !Server TFF Novus x1Lineage II111
corsair_creed . !Grand Theft Auto V110
wolfangkillersEn el cromaon no se jugaba el csgoCounter-Strike: Global Offensive110
cryptoquadrillionaireMake Bitcoin / Crypto gambling ~24/7~
therenektontoponlyFinishing up unranked to diamond series then on to main!League of Legends103
davirus1 *PS4 PRO GIVEAWAY* !giveaway - LlamaGang - Give Me Dem Cheeks - [ DisruptGFortnite100
xthepumpxMaybe some wins, definitely some rageFortnite99
johnwhineAction fredag - Flg mig p !youtube !serverArma 396
hamptonkidd318Voyage Of Despair Solo AttemptsCall of Duty: Black Ops 496
rsleepy ENTERING PRESTIGE 6 ~ RACE TO 1ST SOLO MASTER PRESTIGE ~ !discord !twitter !sub !youtube @HvKeSportsCall of Duty: Black Ops 489
theduckie908live from Dairyville tittvaniaCall of Duty: Black Ops 488
gifyourselfahighfiveGIF's BIRTHDAY BASH!! 12hr+ASMR84
omnikevfka(Official PvP) Epic moments! DnL Key Giveaway!Dark and Light83
mylifeassamyLa fille avec l'accent trangeLeague of Legends80
mariterrycore[RU] 100%? , ! | MariTC 8.Assassin's Creed Odyssey77
yulia_dangosha Counter-Strike: Global Offensive75
trexcapadesCasually Trying Hard - Guaranteed 10 Blackout wins - Believe me, believe me.Call of Duty: Black Ops 474
rambrand_bad[GER/PC/18+] 24h Stream Triple in 3 Monaten #HYPERussian Fishing 469
kelseylionessClimbing, 1 SR at a Time l New Camera l !social !discordJust Chatting68
jessyjtcVOLTEI 1 SORTEIO POR HORA !META 5 BITS a google fala !LOJA Just Chatting67
a_jaxxF*cked Up Friday and zombies with kush !giveaway !wheelOverkill's The Walking Dead66
leta_hsOnly 12 wins allowed #TwitchChallengeHearthstone65
heatherthewizard1 Free For All FRIDAY! NEW Great Detective Bundle Giveaway! Wizard10165
nickcannonnFall Skirmish viewing party, FRIDAY FORTNITE AFTER // Navy /// !Socials !PrimeFortnite63
skazka777 Just Chatting61
guslya_tv .279() - 3 ))))World of Tanks58
taigaskHalloween comeou mais cedo! // !rifa Just Chatting57
westdrumontwitchROBLOX FORTNITE+ NEW ISLAND PASS !discord !robloxROBLOX57
themczombieslayer*PRESTIGE MASTER* Community DiscussionCall of Duty: Black Ops 456
crankchaos[GER] RP ARMA 3 auf ( Heute wird Crazy mit den Jungs TAG#8Arma 353
sophiabotwhat the heck is up League of Legends51
issytheone1Zweten in Fifa 19!Fifa 1950
ichgutdunichtgutDer echte ichgut | World War 3 das neue & bessere Battlefield? Finden wir es heraus! | Hype izz da | Bester Spieler EU West izz da KappaWorld War 348
vashtvt[PVE] Save the World [125] - 24 Hour + Stream! | 400+ Days | TeamVASHFortnite46
naestvBLACK OPS 4 GIVEAWAY !giveaway @naesofficial [RE-RUN] Call of Duty: Black Ops 445
alilfoxzCan You Say Horns?!Just Chatting45
girlslovetoastgiveaway before i call it a nightOld School RuneScape45
dk1nghdA por el camuflaje Diamante de los AR'S !!! 2/5 DONE w/ dK1NNGCall of Duty: Black Ops 443
pharticusmaximusDroptober 24/7 !drops || Eternal || !giveaway & FREE DLC || #rebroadcastEternal43
mmprmastodonWWE Interactive UniverseWWE 2K1942
ozymex(PC/NA) [DROPS] Aussie living in Mexico, Get ya Aussie accent fix here! New players welcome!The Elder Scrolls Online41
isaacyyy24HR(?) SUBATHON PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATION !knife !giveaway !sliver [Interactive Streamer isaacyW]Indigo Prophecy38
nycmadetayzoXB1 COMP STAGE!! | BEST PURE LOCKDOWN | Goal 270/300 NBA 2K1938
infrared2yahead[PS4] Legend grinding | !5500 !luna !legend !redrixDestiny 238
pinayprincessaFREE DUO TOURNEY! twitchcon 2018 !ITAM #teamwarriorFortnite36
rikunaceland[ENG] Unscare my sexy body!! KappaThe Evil Within33
ashleymfsandersHITTIN 93 THIS WEEKEND (298 /350) | !sub !wishlist !buildNBA 2K1933
tourva(PS4) New Update! Prestige 4 | 4.3KD + Master Prestige Grind | @TourvaLIVECall of Duty: Black Ops 431
ammenigma , i For Honor30
sero49 Positiv weekendliga? Fifa & Chill !rekordFIFA 1929
himeahriONLY MEMES HERE PLSOverwatch29
kal_el_of_awesomeThe World of Wrestling presents: THE TRANSITION - WEEK 2! #TeamB42 #HumanBeingsTeam #TwitchWrestlingNetwork #MOSTInteractiiveWWE 2K1929
matusalex[ Despistaos RP ] Cheng in love? - Dia Mundial contra el cancer de mamaGrand Theft Auto V28
ling_lingxHi. welcome and yes if you forgot this game has PVP !24Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands28
realvizySANXOK STREAM [SKYRIM TONIGHT]The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim27
natzuki93Besser spt als nie!!!!skribbl.io27
camelman619Fortnite PS4| Black Knight| I Play With Anyone| 700+ Wins| 13,000+ Kills| F4F| 1V1| Stream Snipe Me| Fortnite Xbox| L4L|euFortnite27
tooopnerfogLooking for that Passion.Call of Duty: Black Ops 427
lucierebecca[UK] Squeezing the juices from the entity...Dead by Daylight27
kostique_pwnzPC| ' | | Warframe27
lionkingmustafa[PS4] 7.9 KDR | 300+ Wins | All Socials: @Moosixer | MooseFamCall of Duty: Black Ops 427
vorikxcooking stream soon | (50/55 subs) !prime !discordMarbles On Stream26
itss_sparx12HR HYYYPE !!!! drop all them ballsMarbles On Stream26
lassesenpai TranceStation Twitch Edition Earn Refereum! If youre a DJ you can promote your stream here (See channel information)Music & Performing Arts26
naughtycrumbbumWishy Washy Edge of Danky OverwatchyOverwatch26
eydzokuutvBSFG.RU PVP " MoonLight "Lineage II25
jay_savage9597 OVERALL GRIND!NBA 2K1925
myrkeeBLACKOUT !partystream !battletag !SteelSeries !blizzconCall of Duty: Black Ops 424
tota_2 Weekend League Action! | TOTA_2 NIGHT SHOW! FIFA 1924
nxtlate94 OVR Grind! Road to Partnership !!NBA 2K1924
tagard[ENG/PL] Drunk sztrim z Cz4derem!!! KARAOKE SHOW!Just Chatting23