Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
therealshookon3Yeeting - !location !rap !backflip !treefail !moonwalk - Twitter/Instagram @theRealShooKon3Just Chatting1006
baronsamedi2 ;)200 Fortnite684
thekllerOstern // PW: Z7D5 | !highlightsDead by Daylight668
tmemoryy5.20 K/D 200,000+ KILLS | !sub !prime | @TMemoryy_T1Call of Duty: Black Ops 4511
dr4m4_play ?Just Chatting498
unclebjorn | Overwatch + BlizzardOverwatch437
r0adhouse Minecraft429
partypokertv$1,000,000 GTD Irish Open Main Event Day 1CPoker398
dridg7DriD | TARDE DE RANKEDS! (MAANA ESPECIAL)Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege368
timkalationMammut Stream! 30? Stunden! ANNO, Kln WL und Hearthstone! !mammut !displate HYPE! :DFIFA 19280
vintageroomlofi hip hop radio 24/7 - Relax, Game & Study Radio - !merchMusic & Performing Arts269
contrxlluh2S PULL UP HEE !SubNBA 2K19242
therenektontoponlyRenekton Buffs are LIVE! Challenger Grind !buffs !gg !QLUB League of Legends241
fonikibekatsaGta rp - La Casa - Disc---> #FoxarmyGrand Theft Auto V226
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG- !rpg -Trivia- -Weekly Giveaways- !enterMusic & Performing Arts216
vanes130yamakasi Evelone192 !trick l Creator-code: LHVANES130Fortnite208
gooseyofficialrandom queue in MM :)Counter-Strike: Global Offensive188
kingvigi | ? | - of Warcraft173
golaya_ ! ! !Path of Exile163
joaos92!torneio Duos com a Koli! Duas streams hoje PogChampLeague of Legends159
rackie_fmRackie FM - Music Stream 24/7 [EDM Game Station]Music & Performing Arts157
borof1HOSTING CUSTOM LOBBIES !rulesFortnite156
landi1995ROAD TO 16.000 POKALEN | Daily Streams | Highest LVL Player World | LVL 300 OPBrawl Stars148
insanestreamingSniper elite v2 with the family !zeal #TeamZeal #Binxtv #zealites Sniper Elite V2147
wariat_in_action_ TWITCH - Just Chatting141
melkitv ! ! Just Chatting139
bitterway Auto Chess115
lsguapo #1 Center My Account Got Hacked (Comp Stage) 47/50 !SubNBA 2K19114
top_joka_sm0kaFriday is my day twitch prime sub! all donations apprecited thanks for the supportFortnite110
crafakTepl ryb limo pivo s kafem [Sponzor: Pi!]State of Decay 299
burak_brkYANDAN HALMEM YANDAN... :DMusic & Performing Arts99
vashtvt[PVE] Save the World 131 - 81 Hr Marathon! | TeamVASHFortnite97
luismahispano84FORTNITE CON COLEGAS Fortnite93
raythis ! () - World of Warcraft92
desp_ut2k4 ().Destiny 292
xanorineaRetroperjantai let's goGTA V89
belowzer0__RIP BUU | New Team Needed? | Using Base Goku Dragon Ball FighterZ88
mariterrycore[!C] Anno 1800 | -!Anno 180087
krisnevet1| | Fortnite | | EU | Fortnite84
dnicechampionWe Hit 1600!!! l !crowns !discord !merch !subFortnite82
knightenator1V1 UIM @ Insomnia !insomnia !newvideoOld School RuneScape80
sobor6AtlantisRP | LSPD kontra mieszkancy Los Santos |Grand Theft Auto V79
jonah1331Tag 2/5 der OSTERAKTION! | !osteraktion !ostereier !gewinne !jackpot | !ziel #200hClash Royale79
hotbeatstvElectronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals - WIN 100,00 Amazon Coupon! !amazon !command !commandsMusic & Performing Arts77
admirabie_NAE Custom Squads :) !code Fortnite76
aelrisps4 Destiny 275
l1nnushasad Lina Apex Legends73
dryg85Pobeda - 30 3 !Slots66
raciel2902Zelda Breath of the Wild | Giveaway | Earn Refereum | !quip !harrys | #rebroadcastThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild64
salvatretzzoAparece una runa y se esta moviendo!Fortnite64
og_king_smurf(XBOX) ApexGM Try This One Move!!! New Players welcomedBlack Desert Online62
ajseagullRoblox Lets a go | Road to partner | !discordROBLOX60
vflowerGrowing BiggerImperator: Rome59
realwezzyHoste bald Pro Rotation Games <3 | Commands wurden bearbeitet!Fortnite58
kudeta_ru [#crysis # season 1 episode 3]Crysis57
strongestetHe bo/ullr + (instacast)18+RUS VIKINGSmite57
shanxox_[ENG] Nothing to see here, Do you like pizza? Let's eat pizza?Twitch Sings55
crunkstarstreams(PS4) Join Up <3 Subs/Followers PlayFortnite54
lassesenpai TranceStation 24/7 Interactive Radio Music & Performing Arts51
toofinJallua ja lolia =)league of legends50
tyky14 21/00 Clash Royale50
eevilivee ! LUL !eventsJust Chatting50
ethanshyperPC w/ Controller !youtube | $61,000 Earned | !sub !prime | Code: EthansHyperFortnite50
xdynamicxskillsx19K Followers New Monitor 30% To 97 Two-Way Shot Creator !sub !prime !yt NBA 2K1950
rapidnadeFinalmente il nuovo gioco?! !instagram !youtube Grand Theft Auto V48
thrill3rrrrSub Creative Zone Wars - I'm chillin atm !facecam | Giveaway Soon! | !giveaway | CODE: ThrillerFortnite47
streamiiiPROVIAMO LE 30 KILL () | NEW EMOTES INCOMINGApex Legends46
only_smiles Hearthstone46
lokyoungwizop{XB1}Disavow Open Tryouts!| !Patch | New Build Vid Out Now!| New Build Today|~ sub goal 92/115 !sr !yt !subTom Clancy's The Division 246
killaj120CUSTOM GAMES NAE l Clan tryouts l UGMassacreFortnite44
vega_gangartmusic for your earholes ( ) Music & Performing Arts43
windows9ultimateWIN95000.... #ObakaTVAnno 180042
casinotop .Slots40
plantera_killerCUSTOMS GAMES WITH FOLLOWERS! |Creator Code: Plant |(!discord)|(!code)|(!youtube)Fortnite40
robinbjkTURNUVA BASLIYOR 8800 V- BUCKS ODULLU !!! (YAPIMCI KODU: Twitch_robinbjk )Fortnite39
t_svenGM / TOP-500 | ChillOverwatch38
lopen312- . / Game of Lopen S05E155Destiny 238
fifatricksterFIFA 19 Pro Clubs Playing With Viewers | Sub Friday #TFamFIFA 1938
ivelknow , !World of Warcraft37
serocruxEgghunt with Evanbear1 and viewers !VIP !Roblox | !Sliver | !eNFyre | ROBLOX36
slamocalypseRecord 24 kills solo / 38 squad @slamocalypseApex Legends36
gameslayercorpsMarvel's Spider-Man - Episodio 2 - Nella tela del ragnoMarvel's Spider-Man36
candyy_tvCustom jeder darf mitspielenDas kann was werden :D Fortnite35
jokeronestvGrind some more it takes 110 hours to get 20 million DRAGON BALL FighterZ35
anton_the_one[EU] Customs Scrims with Viewers !giveaway !codeFortnite34
originsstaffsNUEVA SENS 0.10 !camara !CREADORFortnite34
blackattack108apex $ !F4F !L4L $ !HOSTME $ Grind To Partner $Apex Legends34
myrkeeLIVE FRA CPH GAMES!lan !giveawaymerch !podcast !games !beast !steelseries Just Chatting33
cincinbearIts Choco's Bday today! Just Chatting33
themarkofgee[ENG/PC] Good Friday Fortnite!Fortnite32
kaskadetwitchWinners all stream | !giveaway !200 !quip !harrys !points !prizesApex Legends32
31fox!DROPS & GIVEAWAY @ 100 Viewers TESL 2pkThe Elder Scrolls: Legends31
l0rdgeneral ( )Just Chatting31
tvmaxcanbuild!giveaway hosting eu customs for viewers playing with viewers ps4 playing with followers custom matchmaking code tvmaxcanbuild !socialsFortnite31
jking__usWill be sad for free | CUSTOMS JOIN UP! | PS4 XBOX PC | !sacFortnite30
samtaptapPro Clubs Division 1! 1200+ WINS! - @SamTapTap [ENG]FIFA 1930
tryme89opsDungeon Quest BM WAR SCYTHE GIVEAWAY 400 Followers KC 75+ carries !VIP !SR !DiscordROBLOX30
pharticusmaximusPUBG MOBILE || !giveaway || !questmode || !loots || !sockfancy #rebroadcastPUBG MOBILE30