Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
izakoooNOWA OPERACJA W CS:GO!Counter-Strike: Global Offensive3954
the_devilstwinFortnite Solo's+Squads+Duos Fortnite1007
thekllerJa ich habe den Trailer gesehen | !highlightsDead by Daylight997
zeiingZeling | Continuamos amaestrando criaturas para que peleen en mi honorPokémon Sword/Shield656
raiderinfosEncore une prime lgendaire "Yukon" Nik Merci pour vos followsDragon Quest Builders 2540
wafumoon ... #MOONMinecraft482
cincinbearAdd my snapchat, its LIT ;) Just Chatting471
beyazsakalonuronYanmda Dzc Faruk le Yayn Sirius Exp Slotunda Yatalak Olmuuz :( !abone !donate !youtube !ttostKnight Online452
unclebjornNieR Automata, Hard | 1NieR Automata366
wolfangkillersFaceit, barcos y misiones de lo nuevo del csgoCounter-Strike: Global Offensive344
aelrisps4 Destiny 2336
r0adhouse :*Blacksad313
rumiinSORTEO DE UNA NINTENDO SWITCH + 2 JUEGOS ESPADA/ESCUDO | !sorteo para participar en el sorteo | "!escudo/!espada"Pokémon Sword/Shield312
conducteir77Na vlnch s kapitnem Conde Hkem.Sea of Thieves277
customstories Just Chatting242
ladyrarwltimo da se season (~)~League of Legends234
as2pikisrealWELCOME TO TARKOV ! - !tarkov Escape From Tarkov223
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG- !rpg -!trivia- -Weekly Giveaways- !enterMusic & Performing Arts205
impactgamingclanEDIL JHONSON |!SOCIAL | !CODE !DISCORD | !MINE Fortnite180
the_real_cashyON A 40 GAME STREAK WITH NADE!! !sub !yt !primeNBA 2K20173
2lanzados#TWITCH RIVALS Ahora Con todo vuestro apoyo lo lograremos Delay 2 X6tence Magic: The Gathering151
wlado93 DAY: 1 #3 DBD TOURNAMENT | 100 PRIZE & Exclusives during the stream !giveaway [ITA/ENG]Dead by Daylight140
lunarys_ Fitness Adventure! Ep. 5! | !vpn !pokemon !code !sediaJust Chatting131
koilTrooper "King Malder" Soze | nopixelGrand Theft Auto V129
gsxrclydeReset Raids and Pinnacle Help !gamersupps !social !merchDestiny 2128
gnikbruchTest-Build mit Oni und Yui (Liebespaar) #688Dead by Daylight123
eswoogiSpeedrun - All Bosses - No Slots - New swoogLab merch in the store - !storeFinal Fantasy VII122
sphinxblutkatze[GER] Ich bin eine TransgenderTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege119
gingerbeardieTWISTED LEAGUES | @gingerbeardie on twitterOld School RuneScape116
srscythegameRANKEEEDDD | !prime @Scythe_R6 on !twitterTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege114
superelitezWoW Classic 4 Warlocks / Paladin #multiboxing #isboxer #shazzrah #euWorld of Warcraft110
angrysausagetv1 day to go NEW UPDATE / 500 BITS = 1 BEAN BOOZLEDSea of Thieves109
strainmaxiBlackout <3 | !levlup !astroCall of Duty: Black Ops 4108
deathsie2GRUUL 4SKOOL | Twitch Rivals $75K Constructed tourney (2 minute delay)Magic: The Gathering107
chilledkat lofi beats to relax, game & chill | Join !discord !patreon !tip | Tip free with !questMusic & Performing Arts105
nerdheimLSLI | Junji / Giungi / Hanzo SaketiGrand Theft Auto V101
streamiiiTORNEO PROLEAGUE DAY 2/8 !proleague | !discord !instagram Apex Legends93
crawling_liveJDR - les Fiers ColvertsTabletop RPGs91
huvzySTAGE 2S !Build !Sub to get addedNBA 2K2090
g_win_gHOLAAA ME SALUDASSS?!!! insta / twitter: gwingtvFortnite89
guslya_tv 100 - World of Tanks87
supremerj(DAY 13/365) EU CUSTOM MATCHMAKING PC/CONSOLE/MOBILE !code !sub Fortnite83
crafakAutomation Empire #automationempire [Sponzor -]Games + Demos82
vashtvt[PVE131 STW] Fortnite Save the World | !play !p | 84 Hour Marathon! | Husband and WifeFortnite81
baccatimplayz AWP | Neo-Noir Giveaway! Viewer Games! Code Tripod @ For 30% Off!Counter-Strike: Global Offensive81
lucierebecca[UK] Peeping Tatas Bois :PEEPERS:Dead by Daylight79
chilledempirelofi hip hop radio - beats to chill / relax & study (Prime Gift Farming)Music & Performing Arts78
jakeeyexe2 Jahre Twitch Partner Special Stream | Verlosung im Stream ca 22:30 Uhr | !ts !battle !discordCounter-Strike: Global Offensive77
knightenatorNEW MERCH LIVE! !kraken // Leagues // SR on for subs // !charity !twistedleague !xmascard !kraken merch Old School RuneScape76
josh_vargoRanked Seasons | #FreeMylesMLB The Show 1971
redmamba2kIM BANNED ): 13/15 subs !sub !ytNBA 2K2067
scardygingeSkillin and Chillin! RACE TO MAX CAPE | !podcast !goal !mcRuneScape53
joker47jk(PC) Solo Q Rank To Apex Pred :D | 3.2K+ Wins | 60K+ KillsApex Legends52
darthronFinishing the eventEpic Seven51
vannii4uPTB Testen Killer & SWF - Maybe KYF - HYPE !sr !bdayinfo Dead by Daylight49
gruz Death Stranding Just Chatting48
alllegianceThrowing Elo but whats New !casting | @Stoax on twitterTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege48
onylightday 48575983 since last patch !goal +1.4k Wins - !giveaway !eslproximusRealm Royale46
onurozgunayEts2 1.36 Beta geldi | !Promods Multiplayer | Logitech G29 | !discord !instagram !prime !ark ( Belki RDR2 Online Balang )Euro Truck Simulator 242
ninja_with_no_lWe've RETURNED | Meeting Cat's Fam TalksEscape From Tarkov42
jampppa95Juontaja selvinpin?!? !Rizk 200% !Luck 150%Slots41
hotbeatstv[EN - 24/7] Electronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals. | NO AD for SUB's | !playlist !discord !mmoga !points | https://HotBeats.TVMusic & Performing Arts41
c1_atlas[51] Teamkill Tuesday! Open lobby for followers+ !hideout !merch !bitbot !discordEscape From Tarkov38
samtaptapPro Clubs R2D1 :) !newvid - @SamTapTap on all socialsFIFA 2037
razelleignacio Finally fixed my sleep schedule!! !Vove Fortnite37
kurama_kurama Just Chatting36
lopen312! | | Game of Lopen S06E144Destiny 235
natzuki93King of the Hill - Werde VIP !discord I !clan Fortnite35
exitx_gamingRaid Run, heute in schn :)Tom Clancy's The Division 235
xanorinea[FIN/ENG] Flunssaista striimi luvassa. Pelataan keskenjneit pelej.Red Dead Redemption 234
ryanjbarberArtemisia World Wrestling - Money In The Bank PPV (EP.16)WWE 2K2034
girlgamerchasDAY 2, COMBINE GAMES | SG 3-LVL SCORER !sub !donateNBA 2K2034
whxbzt1 scrims people dont know how to play lolFortnite32
ps4lmSquads | !epic | !discord !memes | PS4LM.liveFortnite31
talksick1S&D | !vidCall of Duty: Modern Warfare30
queenbkilln_emCelebrating 3 Years with You Guys <3 !giveawayCall of Duty: Black Ops III30
triplegzgaming[ENG/ESP][Building All Highways][BASKETBALL TALK]Death Stranding30
chiefdasRDO | NEW BOUNTY & BrainstormingRed Dead Redemption 229
t1rexxCZ/SK Rex | srsTeamfight Tactics28
thahmdKhassna Jara Fhad Lbard - Rp m3a 22 :00 [!Hamdoulah RP !join]Fortnite28
consapc ,, Overwatch28
realplaytv !Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order28
kevsenicesmall tribes I sick today - no cam.... I MekChickens NL/ENGARK27
subrussian[RU/EN] , (PS4)Shenmue III27
darkwolfftvBEST ISO GUARD STREAKING! New Sub Badges SUB 3/10 !sub !twitter !youtubeNBA 2K2027
real_pubstarsSolo ground war max level 155 (xbox) message me to join!Call of Duty: Modern Warfare27
nemitai[NEMI] Raid Eden Savage FINAL FANTASY XIV Online26
hysabellUna Hysa Malaticcia Spawnata su DBD.- !commands !subcommands !sub !donate !vantaggisubDead by Daylight26
kikuu_tv[Ger|Eng] Hallooooooooo! Ich spiel wieder SWTOR | !video !wallpaper !optixStar Wars: The Old Republic26
ammenigmaQQ Just Chatting26
a2etv Rank 4, Warsong when? !rankWorld of Warcraft25
crazzyeuAlles Neu Crazzy 2.0 // Giveaway Commands werden erneuert // Viele nderungen! The Forest25
mileeva_ ! !))Dead by Daylight25
landsberk ducks and balls fun Thief25
soyelgoty_15yo/Diamond 2 Midlaner / twitter: @goty_lol @FireVoidGamingLeague of Legends25
shoumansub goal hype prime=free=30enties connecting/supporting tiny streamers type $hostme to get start !bonus for more bonus ily allJust Chatting24