Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
tmemoryyDROPS ENABLED! 3.5K/D + 34 noooooks | !sub !prime !discord | @TMemoryy_T1Call of Duty: Modern Warfare378
beanslayerxBEAN WE MADE IT TO CHAMPIONSHIP! RIP Snickers <3World of Warcraft364
johninthemorningI like gamerTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege322
jokeronestvCuisine Royale started as a joke look whos laughing now! 7/10 game Cuisine Royale320
niwone20 Fortnite269
miaumarmelade[BFA >2,2k Rio] Mit der Macht des Nikolauses ein paar Keys pushen :D | Social Media: @miaumarmeladeWorld of Warcraft207
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG- !rpg -!trivia- -Weekly Giveaways- !enterMusic & Performing Arts200
desp_ut2k4Rock radio.Destiny 2167
iam_chappieI want to be a billionaire - Twitter @Iam_ChappieEscape From Tarkov158
naysy_It's too hot ! OhShape144
gths ! ! 69! !/! !Dead by Daylight140
sharpieplays#881 ~ Finishing... Shooting Gallery (day 17) ~ Hellcember | SEGA Crusade (85.44%) | Genesis | Console Challenge on Big HardwareRetro138
jeky1Conan Exiles PVE Conan Exiles132
angelenvys!Drops !charity ! !milestones ESO Dance Love !tournament - PvP - Magden/Magdk PC/EUThe Elder Scrolls Online128
t_sven ! | | 4 | ! | !inst | !VK | !discord Overwatch127
latenightretro Just let me struggle in peace with my beat'em-up. Retro122
toofinJeaJust Chatting118
elrexponchoNoche de Salitas en Free FireGarena Free Fire118
sinneddonutBlind Streamer Blind Forest Blind Playthrough Ori and the Blind Forest116
timkalationKuF2 Tag 3! Wir sind in einer Gilde! :D !giveawayKingdom Under Fire II110
chilledkat lofi beats to relax, game & chill | Join !discord !patreon !tip | Tip free with !questMusic & Performing Arts106
angrysausagetvAnother late oneSea of Thieves106
crizx_500 niveaux a grind ? (: Enfin un truc a faire ? #1 Kill FR / #30 World :( Predator 15K RP PC. !GiveawayApex Legends90
nourhummertvAR/FR FIFA 2084
strafe__tvSPIT BARS FOR EVERY FOLLOW/HIGH ENERGY ONLY! 380/400 SUBS #DooMTakeoverCall of Duty: Modern Warfare82
streamiiiCHALLENGE bronze to pred in soloQ | PK NERFATO WOOOOOOOOOOO | !instagram !telegramApex Legends80
haven_kendrickPierce Carver - Ascension Academy: Ep. 73 Army of DarknessVRChat76
klerify12+ KD | 1947 Wins | Late Night VibesCall of Duty: Black Ops 475
hotbeatstv[EN - 24/7] Electronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals. | NO AD for SUB's | !playlist !discord !mmoga !points | https://HotBeats.TVMusic & Performing Arts70
joker47jk(PS4) Chillin and Killin :D | 61K+ Kills | 3.2K+ WinsApex Legends66
angrywolf6SAVE THE ANIMALS!!charity !dropsThe Elder Scrolls Online56
vashtvtStream Raiders 24/7!! !raiders | Type !rewards to choose a reward | Vash Will Be Live At 6 AM PTStream Raiders55
ffunnya ()*:Dota 250
fisher_gamer_CRIBBIO!! Apex on PC!! dopo +10 mesi sar ancora capace? #RazerQuestWinner #RazerStreamer !comandi !vocaliApex Legends50
superelitezClassic 5 Warlocks / Paladin / Priest #multibox #isboxer #shazzrah #eu #multiboxing World of Warcraft49
crawling_liveRayman Legends du matinRayman Legends49
chefskywalker!hubMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate46
panda_1st .. ..!! //PVP/PVE.Lost Ark Online43
fire7768 #BattlefieldV #Fireunity @I__FIRE__I #DICEFRIEND #BCIW #BFFY #Battlefieldfamily #Firestorm #BCITW #722 #HvsZ #Ger #EngBattlefield V42
xnoskilltvFREE Legend + Mida KAT Helpline ( Recovs ) !ziel !befehle !merch !subDestiny 242
rittenzore Counter-Strike: Global Offensive40
akeadaWhat Lurks In The DeepSubnautica39
chiefdasFiguring life outJust Chatting39
rqsdevineMech Time with RQSdevine. #TotalMWOfriday / Celebration Stream we broke 2K! [Giveaways]MechWarrior Online36
ambrabonancascary hoursOutlast 230
dj_white_street_ Lost Ark . Lost Ark Online29
validuzz[EN] 1400+ Vehicles Unlocked. Waiting for Kttbullar!War Thunder28
tayne11mvpDay 17 !NBA2KLCombine !DraftTayneNBA 2K2026
kungfoyDay 3 on mnk !dadjokeHalo: The Master Chief Collection23
panda_mxMX no estaba planeado pero meeeeeh !!! PC #FamiliaCRE #MancoSquad #NSTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege23
djwayfarerKerilln saamattomia (DJWayfarer)[Road to 5300 Followers][FIN/ENG] #Luottohemmot #oshee #combuLEGO Marvel's Avengers23
punktehuhnUnd tglich grt das Murmelhuhn ...Randal's Monday23
windows9ultimateWIN9 DAY4 #ObakaTVMonster Hunter World23
claudovl , . !Overwatch22
leveragel1[OCE - AU] [Tournaments] 5,000 Credits to Giveaway! | Stop at nothing #RiseAbove | @LeverageL1 on SocialsRocket League22
gamestreambysanya 279 ap.Black Desert Online22
isxpplyx115Happy Friday :)Friday the 13th: The Game21
anaxeliaZone wars NAE w followersFortnite19
jezusdabz710Race B !Blame-Jezushedabz in chat LULGran Turismo Sport19
willnba2kgaming(AUS) WINNING RUSH 2XP!!!!|NEW EMOTES!!!!!!|GRINDING TO SS3!!!| 17/50 SUBS| !sub !freesub !donateNBA 2K2019
crorat1NL-ENG/ TIme for Camp of Duty / Positive Vibes Only / Not a PRO / Join USCall of Duty: Modern Warfare18
bootzsneez(Streamathon) Streaming Until Goal Is Met Wish me LuckLeague of Legends17
get_over_it_tooThe struggle continues! New merch !7 Days to Die17
ravencalledsnejku Friday night tournament and deck making! / !giveaway !youtube !Kovek !cardmarket / Sub= card + code!Pokémon Trading Card Game Online17
lassesenpaiTranceStation Interactive Radio Type !TrancegirlMusic & Performing Arts16
shredder_ncbThe Division1001 Survival NightsShredder_NCB[PS4/1080p/DE/ENG]Tom Clancy's The Division16
blackxjavelinx[PC][ GER] Oberkrebach Ja ist den schon Nikolaus wnsche allen ein schnes WEFarming Simulator 1916
alyakaDeck The Halls With Boughs of Sigma | Shotcaller | Tank Overwatch15
smex_tvHoster zone wars hype! | !giveaway !2020 !org !sun !sub !duomakker 1v1Fortnite15
jakeristMC OCE ARUGALWorld of Warcraft15
seprlive1v1 Boxfights! No Longer Taking Applications. !twitter !discord !epic Fortnite15
shiyu2615 (ov) Black Desert Online15
jene4ka92[PS4] !vk !Fortnite14
eydzokuutv Destiny 214
itzraisinScumdog Millionare (!sub !prime !myrank !discord)SCUM13
bakadensetsuSmash Nite Join Arena (!arena !yt !discord) | Powered by PeakedSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate13
thedevilshype[XB1X] Renown farming !GT !SUB! [63/75] !SUBS !Discord] [TCG]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege13
xecutioners84Monte im Stream | X-Masstream, let it snow B**** | X-Mas Music | Bock auf Weihnachten | ECHO |Call of Duty: Modern Warfare13
chaos_91Little Missfortune First Playthrough!! Little Misfortune12
tentativetv i SWEAR they are 18+ | nice Australian dudeVindictus12
gang_gang2xxWhen You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe, Then You Will Be Successful !sub !ytNBA 2K2012
h0ust8n+18 []Escape From Tarkov11
zeitedxIm Back Playing Rust!!!! | Follow me @IamZeited |Rust11
viktor_t "" " ?!" : VIKTOR_TFortnite11
magicmlke#2 English stream // EmoteMakin' -- !Julestream - !giveaway !subgoal !Fitness !Mobilepay !Fuldtid !ggw !perma !ragequitJust Chatting11
papabaumi[GER/AUT] #Grippe, #Grippe,Im dreaming of a white Christmas :D schaut vorbei... ! #chillout #Hangout World of Warcraft11
strotnium{USAE}CODE Bowl Prep!?! !Fitness !squadCall of Duty: Modern Warfare11
wokoemzieCHILL /FUN STREAM WITH THE BEST COMMUNITY EVER!!!Call of Duty: Modern Warfare11
thejubjubbStarting Red Dead 2 PC! Blind/First Playthrough after Prolougue ChapterRed Dead Redemption 211
un1txbomberAdventure time Day 2Destiny 211
vet__gaminggetting back in the grind Ring Of Elysium11
vintageroomlofi hip hop radio 24/7 - Relax, Game & Study Radio - !discord !merchMusic & Performing Arts11
sadhitelionx Life Is Strange11
englishmonster5 FPS Gaming! || Night Terror *18 + Stream*Dying Light11
irr3gulargamingArugalPriest Rank 6 PVP. road to 1k FOLLOWERS !twitter !socialWorld of Warcraft11
jojojohannnAlright, let's get that onto a trayMinecraft10
kawaiifoxitaIt's been a million years but Heyo !alerts !subperk !discordOverwatch10
soultakerplaysStreaming on My Birthday cause I have no Friends! Close to 500! Take a shot with me! sr! (18+)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare10