Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.

Patch v7.3.1: New user registration re-enabled. !top fixed + more
Posted on Monday March 20, 2017

Testing New Patch: The leaderboards will fill back up as people chat.
Posted on Saturday March 18, 2017

Old maintenance post.
Posted on Thursday March 09, 2017

Nov 27: Twitch connection problems should be fixed.
Posted on Wednesday March 01, 2017

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voodoo_vigirl's fight :3 playing with viewers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive18
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monkey666zombies100 Zns Attempt 5Call of Duty: Black Ops III18
tv_urfoURFO Ural Lizards World of Tanks17
1girlypro(UK)WE GIRLS CAN PLAY TOO... WATCH N LEARN!! *^_^*Call of Duty: Black Ops III17
nitablade Destiny 2Destiny17
trency135[GER][PC] In Andenken an Commander Shepard! #NoMercy !loots !mercyMass Effect: Andromeda17
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kenny_playsSIMS AN CHILLThe Sims 416
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sskygamess[PT] Desafio do Simply_B - Spyro The Dragon (PS1) #Skyrianos #FTW #LikeABossSpyro the Dragon15
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