Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
xthepumpxshFFFFE2FFFF80FFFFA2t connection damn it! Let the drinks be drunk!!!!!Fortnite2462
xposedlive$100+ SND Wagers w/ TK Xposed !selloutCall of Duty: Black Ops 4699
rexzilla16Do you like this game? | $50 RSI !giveaway @tempostormStar Citizen371
ashleymfsanders2K League Combine | Trust the Process| POSITIVE VIBES ONLY (419/450) !sub !donate #2KLCombineNBA 2K19352
badbunnnyLET'S GET WOKE: Humans are Predictably IrrationalJust Chatting322
omgdontlose1NBA 2K LEAGUE COMBINE!!!!NBA 2K19260
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG Game- !rpgMusic & Performing Arts258
gregthejetNBA 2K LEAGUE COMBINE #2KLCOMBINE LOCKED IN Twitter @GreganthonyjetNBA 2K19236
tourva(PS4) Good Vibes , Rush Only | Dark Matter | 4KD | @TourvaLIVE Call of Duty: Black Ops 4127
munchnplay1M IN STOLEN GOODS // Hold on to your butts! !youtube Thief Simulator124
cryptoquadrillionaireCrypto Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin Gambling ~24/7~
jessyjtcVAMOS MANTER ESSA STREAM NO AR? !RIFA !META 5 BITS a google fala !LOJA Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege121
blitzfire911Raid Defence!!!! Partner Application is in!ARK114
originsstaffsMi Horario Esta Jodido :( !creador !Fortnite108
missalicatI see you watching meOverwatch98
texas_tryhard 24/7 Quake <3 Drops Working!!! !Giveaway F4F ~L4L Free Self PromoQuake Champions96
sharpieplays#753 - Eternal Champions (Day 2) - SGENocide Crusade (75.20%) | !blind !sgen | Sega Genesis HardwareRetro81
chactories800% No Pause | 33 wins and going for a new PR boyzThey Are Billions80
vashtvt[PVE] Save the World [PL 130] | 81 Hr Weekend Marathon! | TeamVASHFortnite76
gamerstreamfamily[] , | | ! !Black Desert Online72
rsleepy MASTER PRESTIGE LVL 360 ~ 4 K/D | 5.7 W/L ~ 100 PERCENTER GRIND ~ #1 TDM PLAYER ~ !rank !discord !twitter !sub !youtube @HvKeSportCall of Duty: Black Ops 470
banditgangoSolo Dolo !Build !Sub !JumpshotNBA 2K1970
a_jaxxI don't even know what im doing anymoreCall of Duty: Black Ops 465
intoxikaiteDrinks and Pubsss- Come say Lobby time PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS65
gifyourselfahighfivetime of love is nowJust Chatting64
cybplaysgamesMy FIRST time playing.|What is this about?|Take it easy on me|Dont laugh|[Clean]Warframe63
kondota1v1 Human BNET, 2nd week back since 2005. MAKING PROGRESS BOYS.Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne60
bigtreavor[NA][ENG ] I ban the letter Q... Try Me ll !join !enter !free !prime !sub !newvideoSea of Thieves57
rupel_We out here playing OW slightly blind boys.Overwatch55
dankcraft1FLORENCIO - Protoss StarCraft II52
sparkles1072BIRTHDAY STRIIMMM // new internet :):)Fortnite52
xvu1tur3xRed Dead Online | Fishing, Hunting & PvPRed Dead Redemption 250
bakerxderek_Cop Gone Civilian | GTARP | PASPRPGrand Theft Auto V47
stevenheartliveFFXIV Dailies :3 / !discordFINAL FANTASY XIV Online44
yellowycougar76Holi BbtossFortnite42
jordanaftermathBlind run CONT. WE ARE TRYING OUR BEST NOT TO DIE.Return of the Scuff#TSANAlien: Isolation41
kaskadetwitch3 Free Crates - !twickle !sub !points !prizesRocket League40
kinared :3Warframe39
eswoogiChopping Heads & Cashing Cheques - Pokemon After [nosrl]Poker35
readtitlegachiBASS Clap @
aliwareBis zum Shop Fortnite Rette die Welt ChristmasContest Playstation 4 Subscriber Christmas ContestFortnite32
itsemmaelise27/20 POP UP! I Wanna Win! !sub !merchFortnite32
genvidia[EN/ES-PE] Sufriendo en rankDota 231
thejcfinesse#2KLCombine #2KDraftme THE BEST CENTER YOU WILL EVER SEE!!NBA 2K1930
s0ulreaper2180PC - ANALIZANDO EL TACHANCAZO LUL !!! #GoPEX !! - !subJust Chatting30
axiomspeedPS4 GrandMaster Ranked Smite29
guisrasconCocinando con Gis | MasterChefJust Chatting29
luxirigexCHARITY(Salvation Army) PRE CHRISTMAS STREAM!Minecraft28
dasmoose26Carrying Monkey! || !MERCH || Twitter @TheDesertMoose @initioGG Creative Destruction28
dieseldisasterzSundayyy | TH9!! | LETS GOOOOClash of Clans28
soulotvPop Up Cup n Chill | !play !vbucksfortnite27
traecrazyPs4Pro! I Want This To Be My Career! ! Follow PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS27
trawberriessmashing the bros !giveawaySuper Smash Bros. Ultimate27
flar3fir3League dream team | Gabi hard carryleague of legends26
fluboardstv !sub Ruffles winner COMP STAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NBA 2K1926
caneville352NewEraHQ COMBINE #2KLCOMBINE NBA 2K1926
exterminiaDuos con el Capitn Silver _ | !loots !discordFortnite25
wndayone97 OVR! Elite ! 1400+Wins! King Of 3s! @WNDayone On All Socials!NBA 2K1924
danogneyarSUNWELL NEW 2.4.3 SERVER/ 2.4.3 !pubg24
misssweets8Duos W/Papatrigg | Raising $$$ for a new pc | Short stream | Advanced botFortnite24
qatan_qatan#2KLCombine games lets get it NBA 2K1924
michytskOjoooo Fortnite [Boricua] Fortnite23
warriors7Sunday Night LadderThe Elder Scrolls: Legends23
zoeguzmanI Love Squads | !code | @parallelzoe | @team_parallelFortnite23
sunshinesjourneyBoosted Jackbox !cards !trivia !insta !discordThe Jackbox Party Pack23
kadbidgrind townBlack Desert Online22
lapyyysya Hearthstone22
pinaygaming[ENG] Can you jingle my bells?League of Legends22
31fox#sponsored BattleTech with 31Fox BattleTech21
cococo_tv Just Chatting21
gannicus73PS4 | Realm Royale - Beta "Winter is Coming" | Perfected Precision Gaming | !Giveaway (PPG BJERM T-Shirt) 01/01/2019 | Followers 1457/2000 Realm Royale21
awesomeforte[PS4] - Dat Diamond LifeOverwatch: Origins Edition21
himeahriDancing to kpop at 45 views!!Fortnite20
lahdabeballinSub Because Im CuteNBA 2K1920
fehnessGrand Champion Twitch prime? Rocket League19
xwormx__Nba2k19 Combine #2KLCombine Season 2 Hopeful GG Affliated !Sub !Bits Tune In #RunTheDistrict #WhosGotNext #WeGoHardNBA 2K1919
demonwolf921Soma ._._._.Horror for Christmas SOMA19
murvIn and Out is SOOO bomb! / 20xx Giveaway!Rocket League18
kyodiaaI've been exiledPath of Exile18
darerymmBO4 SNIPING GRIND COME CHILL 134/140 SUBS #RedRymm !videoCall of Duty: Black Ops 418
jujubleeTeach me how to play ARK please :D | Song Requests OnARK18
crazyhardgames -130 - 8 * World of Tanks18
thestarcalledbCombine SZN 2NBA 2K1918
wlado93[ITA-ENG] Playing 2nd Part - PARTNER PUSH - !giveaway !freesub !loots !socialDead by Daylight17
ko_killlahXmas Watch Giveaway (Sponsored By Banneker!) | #BroccliGang follow/sub/bits/dono/ #AREAL1nba 2k1917
thatnhguytv#SoaR BO4 Sniping! Get a Ah YEET!Fortnite17
ageekyblondeThe Truth is Out ThereAlien: Isolation17
killerboy_pabloFORTNITE SAVE THE WORLD 130- SSDs !creator !sublootFortnite17
br00dQp and sweatsDestiny 216
itsrnzoSeason 7 Grind! | XBOX TO PC! | Top Tier Xbox Controller Player | Intense Battles | !gamerglovesFortnite16
jaydammitSub Sunday/Playing with ViewersThe Jackbox Party Pack 516
wokoemzieREALM CONSOLE!! (XB1 TECH TEST)Realm Royale16
thereal_lea(GER) Gamer Girl mit Leidenschaft :)Fortnite16
the_supermario_95Sufriendo en Champs. | !loots | Da 45FIFA 1916