Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
taketv_overwatchIzaak Biggs - Grove OG. !Partner []Grand Theft Auto V1777
chefstrobelReaction am Abend | Neue EmotesJust Chatting1038
flar3fir3small streamerJust Chatting904
the_devilstwinConsole Vs pc Fortnite872
niwone20 2 ( ) GGBETOutlast 2745
zuliezulie2way 3Level DemiGod ! 1541-1600 sub goal ! Sub ! PrimeNBA 2K20640
joaos92Master TIer soloqueue e Coven LB LPP Giveaway!! !youtube !24hLeague of Legends560
strainmaxiHiCall of Duty: Modern Warfare559
dridg7Rankeds! | !gg | !amuletoTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege551
gsxrclyde!newvideo Shard Grind and Bounty Prep // !gamersupps !hats !battleDestiny 2454
rhykkerLet's try Minecraft Dungeons!Minecraft Dungeons440
xypher_avFortnite grinding | !org | !socials | Controlla AvFortnite346
ghosthuy[ENG] Fun time with MW #Positivity #RazerStreamer Much love to you. #hype Call of Duty: Modern Warfare296
yungstaz6Purple Obsidian PR !43 !Gfuel Top 40 Kills 6.8+ KD - 19K+ Kills | @Yungstaz6 on MediaCall of Duty: Modern Warfare292
nicole_meowwITA-ENG ASMR, i'm new. - 5 subs POLE DANCE trick !instagram !sub !discord !telegram !dropASMR243
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -!trivia- -Weekly Giveaways- !enterMusic & Performing Arts238
beanslayerxBean - CDL 2nd place. RIP Snickers!World of Warcraft211
shoumanright track to partner. stay safe everyone !hostme !lurk l enjoy the music and awesome people much love | Charity | Connect | music is life 201
teamhazzbros(Read this out loud) IM AMAZING! | 2 Bros Max Sens duo trioCall of Duty: Modern Warfare198
trexcapades244 Warzone Wins 3000+ BR wins - Game-winning tactics [On] - Obsidian HDR [On]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare159
hotbeatstv[EN - 24/7] Electronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals # Daily Live-Session from 7 PM - 12 AM CET # !live !vod !playlist !discordMusic & Performing Arts155
iam_chappieTrue Life: I am a Crucible Addict - 89+ wins - Twitter: @Iam_ChappieCrucible154
chocolate_pumaWitam nowego moderatora Hekateke xD <3 Gramy z kadym! Dzisiaj losowanie! !giveaway !insta !skinbaron !yt !fbVALORANT144
wariat_in_action , Just Chatting143
lunarys_LE AVVENTURE DI LUNARY VALENTINE CONTINUANO! | Resident Mammt EP 5Resident Evil 3139
wolfangkillersSuscriptores conductores de tanquesWar Thunder138
cookie_osuplaying a bit later mapping || osu|osu!129
h0ust8n+18 [ ] FULLHD - Just Chatting126
nerdheimLSLI | Dudu non segna nienteGrand Theft Auto V124
dearannieCOOKING WEEK DAY 1 / Just Chatting123
stennos10yr Project Vanilla SSP with 890+hrs Java 1.14.4 !intro !project !ssp !raffle #BSo7Minecraft120
chilledkat lofi beats to relax, game & chill | Join !discord !patreon !tip Music & Performing Arts119
itallangodCHALLENGER X2 // PBE SET 3.5 // !comps3.5 !META !TIERLIST !INSTAGRAM !TELEGRAMTeamfight Tactics113
crunkstarstreamsDuo Customs Scrims !prize !scrims !kos !subFortnite111
ujefMi // Dungeons105
lopen312! | , ? , | Game of Lopen S06E301Destiny 297
bbaroz[PC] - barozj.HERETICSTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege89
mileeva_ :) Dead by Daylight86
ninja_with_no_lTrio with Chad and Mtn | !Prime | !ShirtCall of Duty: Modern Warfare86
xlaixGece Chill DayZ | !instagram DayZ82
a_jaxx!Riot Unrated gamesVALORANT82
haven_kendrickAnime robot to hand out free steppies!Phantasy Star Online 282
coreyzgMy Team Triple Threat Online!! Giveaway at 2000 followers.NBA 2K2080
mmprmastodonThe Universe is live Also Stream Raiders !Battle !nova !freesub !friend WWE 2K2080
staha92(NA-E) FACTION WARS CUSTOMS|!GIVEAWAY|!HYPE| #EpicPartnerFortnite76
vintageroomlofi hip hop radio 24/7 - Relax, Game & Study Radio Music & Performing Arts76
llshiftyrollCOMP STAGE NBA 2K2076
consapc Overwatch73
noobnabox+18 Capitao Testa Negra! nova loja -> !lojaSea of Thieves71
p0lo_back to work! gunning in siege @teamgamerlegionTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege70
chactories No Pause Custom Map 3 - TODAY IT HAPPENSThey Are Billions67
themrpcgames[VERB] !Giveaway | Vibing on pubs <3 | @NorthernForcesKrunker61
vashtvtSave the World All Day Everyday :)Fortnite60
deyoibye bye sleeping schedule | !discord !srDead by Daylight58
expen_tv(RATED 21+) CONAN EXILE OFFICIAL PVP RAIDING T H I C C BASE (SOLO) (271/350)(PS4)Conan Exiles58
dzliveRanking up with viewersCall of Duty: Modern Warfare57
rossburger1515#1Day 10/30 Partner Run942/1,000 Sub Goal!giveaway!yt!socialCall of Duty: Modern Warfare57
naptimezArena !challenge & Champ 1 Grind ~ 2 Tourneys this weekend! !subgames !tourneyHalo 5: Guardians55
deadzpikesMax level Gear!!!! 338-350 sub goalMinecraft Dungeons55
xdynamicxskillsx#JUSTICEFORGEORGEFLOYD @DynamicSkillsTV on insta !SUB ALL SUBS GET ADDED @DynamicSkillsTV On Twitter & INSTNBA 2K2055
martapipa[PT-ENG] Diamond 4 mid laner grill proceeds to lose all the LP she hasValorant54
shiro_neekoDay 98 - monkaS 2 more days remainVRChat52
jaxonjordanTCW Network presents: Wednesday Night WarZone!WWE 2K1951
scardygingeSt. Jude, Archaeology, and Slayer! | Stream Raiders | !battle !charity !discordRuneScape51
ling_lingxTime For the PvP !merchBless Unleashed50
epicninja54It's wednesday my nugs Dead by Daylight50
lylithyy May the force be whit u (SORTEIO)Star Citizen47
hoovesellinNew YouTube Video! !yt !lockercodeNBA 2K2046
vikyscreaming[CODE]andr tutto bene? VikyRPGrand Theft Auto V46
alouetteGTA Vibes into Fortnite | NorCal Alouette (749 Days Streaming in a row) !discord !tiktokGrand Theft Auto V45
chiefdasWWRP / Deerhorn \Red Dead Redemption 245
lovinurstyleRoseMarie - WWRP // BIRTHDAY WEEK !Alienware partner // !social !sub !hypeRed Dead Redemption 243
masterpleb500053 nukes CEO OF INFECTED !YouTube !DiscordCall of Duty: Modern Warfare42
dariamilk Just Chatting41
odinplusodin ( 23:55)Just Chatting41
thecoldtreatsI'm not late, YOU ARE! Amara GrindingBorderlands 340
perfectedprecisiongamingApex and Chill while im cooking so breaks will be had :) don't want to burn the foods.Apex Legends40
iheizen[FR] Pvp Small x5 Jour 4 (Cherche Graph Pour Emote)ARK39
guslya_tv. 777 II - 3- + " "- MexikanecWorld of Tanks39
misspieceofcakeDiamond 2 Support | Eternal Optimist | Top/Support viewer duos :)League of Legends39
nevyptDEPUTADO/ADVOGADO Ablio Silva - NOVO VDEO NO YOUTUBE | !youtubeGrand Theft Auto V38
sanderst99Ayuda Doble en Compe! - !369 !ayuda !recov !commandsDestiny 238
argoneesBIRTHDAY STREAM HEROES OF THE STORM | Heroes of the Storm37
catevinelleGOATED FEMALE WARZONE PLAYER | @CateVinelleCall of Duty: Modern Warfare37
litlifegames HumpDay Racing/Cruising with the Crew!! | EXGS | !giveaway | !rules | !lights | !gtForza Horizon 437
ciromakeyouqq 52W 20L TRYHARD ACCOUNT / VEGETA QQLeague of Legends37
inkyShe was just a simple girl in a T-7 world.... !wheel !bits Escape From Tarkov35
merkwtSquad CUSTOMS LESGOOFortnite35
birdwingz[OPEN !PARTY] Hypixel Bedwars, Skywars, Minigames & Skyblock - /p join BirdWings to join!Minecraft35
futuretroyTIKI TAKA Pro Clubs With Viewers!. - Hope youre all safe and healthy. | Song Requests: OnFIFA 2035
xboxgta123[XB1] Running with BethanyMinecraft Dungeons35
neweragermany[GVMP] LSPD Nowak der ehrencop auf Streife alla | la Cofradia | !sub !bsg !mgGrand Theft Auto V35
robinbjkBazen Hakkaten Nothing Else Matters !!! <3 SEN YOKSAN BiR YANIM EKSiK <3 !dc !insta !ytFortnite33
galeven11The sweat and salt continues, the grind to the top never ends!!! Getting out of elo hell today? Maybe! Pog content!!!Overwatch33