Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
tourva(PS4) Wins - 130+ | #1 Claw Player | Good VibesCall of Duty: Modern Warfare2899
therealshookon3Straya - Blue Sky Content !ha !watchdiss !tarzan !zipline !bungie !nerd !taco !thebig1 - Twitter/InstagramJust Chatting1875
galga666Aprendendo a jogar !sh !comandos !sub !donateTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege1622
unclebjornResident Evil 3 (2020) | . | Resident Evil 31414
demisxxualduos w/ BBG IanFortnite1058
sweblissMorning Stream! !Animalcrossing in chat if you play! Just Chatting525
miaumarmelade [3,1k Druide] Hallchen Popchen| Social Media: @MiaumarmeladeWorld of Warcraft452
hubbi78 (GER/PS4) Der morgendliche Wahnsinn ... - Abfahrt - !insta - #StayAtHome - Kaffee - Quatschen - Tag #156 - 100% Men FIFA 20374
tjayerrdayERRDAY TYPA NIGHT! WILT THE STILT IS A DOG !sub !yt !lockercodeNBA 2K20335
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG- !rpg -!trivia- -Weekly Giveaways- !enterMusic & Performing Arts276
kevseniceRaidingg. mesh turrets Aimbotter! POGGG I Official Smalls I NL/ENGARK267
tanarurINTIM KAPCSOLATBA KERLK A CODDAL !ig !mm !instagram !twitterCall of Duty: Modern Warfare226
kobe080224 Hr @ 750 subs!Just Chatting206
ciklopper[RU/ENG] !boosty !inst ! !Just Chatting206
moviegamingtvEvents w/ the God SquadMLB The Show 20194
mushu__Thee Richards Just trying to make a dolla, mayne| BigCityRP SUBGOAL 176/200 !sub !primeGrand Theft Auto V182
vancouver07ZINEDINE ZIDANES COUSIN HEADBUTTS PLAYERS OUT OF PVP | !scammed !social !instagrramOld School RuneScape167
jokeronestvRE3 Remake Sub goal 1 Please Resident Evil 3150
gamerstreamfamilyHere I Go AgainEscape From Tarkov131
sharpieplays#945 ~ Super Battleship | SEGA Crusade (90.60%) | Genesis | Console Challenge on Big OG HardwareRetro126
ifa7ali7iROLEANDO DE RUTAGrand Theft Auto V121
elrexponchoConsiguiendo a Deadpool en Fornite!!Fortnite120
belowzer0__New Season! New Team Lets Get Master Ball Rank Again! AC TalkPokémon Sword/Shield112
niwone20 just chatting110
beyazsakalonuronTRI OGRE DENIYORUZ :D Av Balasn! Biraz Rahatszm Ge Atm - 5 MMO Ayn Anda :D #EVDEKAL Son MMO BKC- Full HD !youtube !bynogameBlack Desert Online106
gths47647342049363628 . /!Dead by Daylight105
angelenvysDropsPvP JamsWith LovePC/EUThe Elder Scrolls Online102
redopz11AUS ~ The Bopping! Escape From Tarkov100
celikon! C Just Chatting99
fisher_gamer_CRIBBIO!! Oggi PC!! Vediamo che succede xD! Rankiamo anche!! #RazerStreamer !comandi !vocali Apex Legends95
hotbeatstv[EN - 24/7] Electronica directly from Clubs, Events & Festivals # Daily Live-Show @ 7-12 PM CET # !playlist !discord !mmoga !commandsMusic & Performing Arts87
theonefiks# 3 (Error) (PS4) code: fiks_10RESIDENT EVIL 387
lopen312! ! | ? | Game of Lopen S06E251Destiny 284
iam_chappieGIB ME KEY GABEN - Valorant waiting room - Twitter @iam_chappieCounter-Strike: Global Offensive84
ciromakeyouqqFidDLe NO daMAgE BabyRageLeague of Legends84
goloss113 4 !Destiny 283
chilledkat lofi beats to relax, game & chill | Join !discord !patreon !tip | Tip free with !questMusic & Performing Arts79
a2etv Stealthed & Blunted.World of Warcraft78
drdais Mount & Blade II Bannerlord #3 realistic (. ) 3?Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord77
joker47jk(PC) Solo Ranked To Masters | Top Tier Thrower Apex Legends69
djcozby(PvP Community Manager) Broken everything i guess...... / Worn out chaclatas / The Cozby Show #slugfest !grind Tom Clancy's The Division 267
jxys0n33317K+RP T20 Apex Predator l 481/485 Sub Goal (PS4) !youtube !twitter !instaApex Legends66
alleyesondeeCOME SAY HI! | SUB GOAL: 556/600 | !sub !socials !srNBA 2K2065
chactories900% No Pause, No PR -19 days streamed in a row... !quiet still, but not as much maybe.They Are Billions63
dearannie RESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake / 6Just Chatting54
refferency 1.15.2Minecraft54
killswitchsydBaddie Streaking in the Park with Quin NFN's Bodyguard and All Hail Trey NBA 2K2052
wndayoneNew Video On The Family Channel! King Of 3s! King Of 2s! !Family ELITE 1! x I Kno x TNB= XT! !YT !TWITTER !IGNBA 2K2049
middream_larobots drawing robotsArt49
akeadaSlaying And Building Dauntless45
bromzehd!cam broke | ranked! | !socials !emotesApex Legends45
kittykingtvBirthday Month! Screw Depression Be Happy Here! Road To Partner! #PositiveVibesVRChat45
ninja_with_no_lDay 2: Lord Fuhkshapes | !Prime | !Shirt Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord44
zmalipsnSTAGE !!!!!NBA 2K2043
sinneddonutsmhall animal crossing strem ^__^ !discordAnimal Crossing: New Horizons43
omnikevfkaThe Mission to Create the Omni Empire continues!Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord42
alouetteNAW Zone Wars w/ Viewers !play (694 Days Streaming in a row) !socialsFortnite41
chiefdasRedM RP | Bobby the Flame | !twitter !discordRed Dead Redemption 241
delxyed1st48RIP NIP WE AINT 4GET!!!!! ISO DEMON!!! !BOOTCAMP !GOLDRUSH BIG LEGEND DELXYED !!!!. 66/75 sub count! !sub !twitter !ytNBA 2K2041
ffunnya () Just Chatting39
chillhopmusiclofi hip hop radio - chill/study beats [Official Chillhop Music Stream]Music & Performing Arts38
budgiebuddyJust Chatting35
thesquashgamingLet's Roll, BoisMarbles On Stream35
vintageroomlofi hip hop radio 24/7 - Relax, Game & Study Radio Music & Performing Arts34
mahshmeow[+18] CINEMAH / !FilmeJust Chatting33
wlado93 [ITA/ENG] Livez notturna | 8800+ !hours TOP EU PLAYER !ruota !raid !sfxDead by Daylight32
shadowling30WR Grinding (Speedruns preferred) !troll !add xxx-xxx-xxxSuper Mario Maker 232
patrickdr_Bora de PUBG !834 [SUBS 23] !twitter !insta [PT-BR] [+18]PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS31
awesomeforte[PS4] Wanna Be My 3,000th Follow? // !youtube !twitter !girlfriendOverwatch30
bakerxderek_RESIDENT EVIL 3 IS FINALLY HERE !!! [PC] - !discord !youtubeResident Evil 330
obijaiiROAD TO PARTNER #PartnerObijai Fortnite28
michellecasanola100+ GAMES 4 GIVEAWAY @ 3k FOLLOWERS!Rocket League28
shiyu2615 4/3 20 ! !vodGuJian27
trixz2007Bleeding Edge with Subs | !subgames !viphelp !discordBleeding Edge27
achoonfire1v9 player GIGA SMURF / !rengar !rengar1 !uwuLeague of Legends27
thumbgeniusGet Rich or Die Trying.Escape From Tarkov27
windows9ultimate World War Z26
esportsstryk_ Keepo #PlayApartTogether | !info !eat !epic Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege25
goldmanchannel Path of ExilePath of Exile25
lassesenpaiTranceStation Interactive Radio24
saviorzombie3467rainbow with the boys i havent played a shooting game in a minute !subTom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege24
kaza013SOY NUEVO ME AYUDAS??Minecraft23
xoblossom[PS4] Mercy one trick can't play mercy :(Overwatch: Origins Edition22
xbrittanyanicoleLET ME LIVE MY BEST LIFE | NAE ZONEWARS W/ VIEWERS !epicFortnite22
murvJACKBOX WITH VIEWERSThe Jackbox Party Pack 420
righteousx1neTRP || TIMES ARE ROUGH || 18+ || @RighteousX1neGrand Theft Auto V20
xecutioners84 New York wir kommen... | #zuhausebleiber | Finest Music | Talk | !bam | ECHO for ever |Tom Clancy's The Division 220
vagrantthought[Kusarigama] Owl ded, who's next? Nioh 220
prapagandist 24/7 PVP NOOB | PS4 Destiny 219
quantum_waveyyPlaying with egirls!!! w/ ? #YeeYee #TheWave #TD #TeamDivergeFortnite19
timmyjustmurkedyou16 Wins & Counting New Patch! !cod :) drops for more info! or !inv to check if you have got your loot ~MurkSquad!Discord/!cod/Call of Duty: Modern Warfare18
keo3stream crashed :) 1 Sub = 1 Backflip IRLApex Legends17
zazaarg[LAS-ARG] QUIEREN JUGAR? TENEMOS NUEVO MOD!! !marito Felicidades mariex! Zazellah! !zella !sub !subaudios ig: @zaza.argLeague of Legends17
ammenigmaPRIVETPOKA !Just Chatting17
maromba_gamerESQUADRO DOS NEWMBA !comandos !donate !prime !apoieFortnite17