Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
bayriffer Jurassic World Evolution1544
paoloidoloMOBA Paulcannon | Diamond II (75 LP) |League of Legends1352
chefstrobelCR & Fortnite und danach Raft/Detroit? | MERCHSHOP ONLINE! | !merch | !prime | !lootsClash Royale1079
joker692!! Casino670
bandit_liveThe International 8 - EU QUALI - Kinguin vs OG || !konkurs !scoreDota 2560
koilnopixel developmentGrand Theft Auto V493
fonikibekatsa#Custom games squad!!! #Stream mexri na svisi o hlios!!!PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS463
taketv_overwatch[] Champagner und Kohle secrets lften!! Brgermeister Neuwahlen #SPLS Alessio!! Grand Theft Auto V444
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG Game- !rpgMusic428
unclebjornBloodborne ( , 3-), PS4 PROBloodborne425
tecone35FPL DENEME 1 2Counter-Strike: Global Offensive412
r0adhouse (DLC + )Dark Souls406
rektlordDoing some PvP @rektlord The Elder Scrolls Online397
johninthemorningBlack ops 4 bois | !primeCall of Duty: Black Ops III378
conducteir77Druha faze dovolen! Praha 2018IRL280
thekllerFiligran schwing ich mich durchs Feld! (oO)Dead by Daylight229
poorboysinGIANNIS PD! DERRICK ROSE PD! TEAM REBUILD! SUPERMAX GRIND HEAVY! | YT & Twitter: PoorBoyOnline | !donate !currencyNBA 2K18223
tmemoryy6.5+ K/D w/ viewers | Rushing & NuclearsCall of Duty: Black Ops III182
sadfuryjutro dzie ojca ----> walka o TOP100 cel 4400+ MMR ----> !drops !GOGGwent: The Witcher Card Game178
paxelolBETA MITICAS + [Esp]11/11MM! RADIO PAXELWorld of Warcraft175
knightenatorAlmost 100m XP POGGERS - !newvidRuneScape161
timkalation12 Stunden Stream! Erstmal Weekend League :]FIFA 18151
xanorineaSariolan terassillaIRL132
vflowerChill With MeVRChat113
organicplaysPS4 PRO 160 NA SOLO WINS / !updateH1Z1109
an0nym0us2ktvTEAMWORK & DEFENSE | HIGH IQ & PLAYMAKING with subs!!! #AssistGANG !sr !prime 10 hours ago NBA 2K18103
warriors7learning degeneracy | !srThe Elder Scrolls: Legends100
eevilivee - ! BG Tournament Training !Fortnite89
angrysausagetvMW3 BACKWARDS !sub free with Twitch PrimeTWITCH BEER MAT GIVEAWAYSCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 384
nicemonsteroh#. ~~!! ~ !IRL77
gamerstreamfamily 100 ARK77
originsstaffsComentando el Torneo de Youtubers de GamergyFortnite73
dearannie IRL71
immortalmonstersEvent Pass Premium Grevleri - !instagram !youtube !tekrarPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS68
belowzer0__[Top 80] Vegito And Majin Buu Gameplay! Anyone Wanna Play?Dragon Ball FighterZ65
slamocalypseMaster Multiclass !SORTEO 4144 Peak !primeRealm Royale58
beyazsakalonuronEn ok kim donate atacak yarmas 1. ye byk dl !songrequest arky sen se !IRL56
swizzzy_[PS4] Hey Buds :) 3.4 K/D, 400+ SPM, Twitter @SwizZzyOnTwitchCall of Duty: WWII53
kelseylionessFollower Friday | Join Our !discord | !socialFortnite50
caldys_sons_dadAYEEEEEEENBA 2K1847
wtdn_hurrricaneSSF ESCL Day 6 sorc. !day5 !newDiablo II: Lord of Destruction45
eydzokuutvEndlesswar.Online 41 ! PvP/PvELineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle42
gingerbeardiePK BUILD COMPLETE ! PK SERIES - Beard Vs Wild: Never too late to learn RuneScape42
bbaroz[EU/PC] baroz.VodafoneGIANTS DIAMONDRANKEDSTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege41
lionkingmustafa[PS4] Great day | 4.4 KDR 500 SPM | 277 V2s Call of Duty: WWII40
friendlyfang 11. ! :DDota 239
just_diggles[top 26,3] pr0ladder | !challenge | "wotd": determinism | free sub with !primeGwent: The Witcher Card Game37
twilightuuuu () - Hearthstone35
rumiinVaal Hazak Hiper Curtido | BIENVENIDO A LOS 80 CON RUMIIN | Variety God streamer atemporal | !Sub en el chat para conseguir TODOMonster Hunter World33
ciklopperWe will never be slaves!Realm Royale31
yellowupon +!!!!Faith of Danschant31
sasha313EndlessWar 36 ,,, ?!Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle30
srscythegame[EN/ES] Scythe.Wizards PRO R6TM!! !twitterTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege30
xdynamicxskillsxALL GRIND NO SLEEP... R.I.P Grandma "BACK TO BLACK" DLC !prime !sub !discord @Dynamicskillstv on twitter Call of Duty: Black Ops III30
kumabooty[ENG/ ] PMD time! | chill stream! | !artstream !sessionPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky29
punktehuhn*1080p60* ... Der Siliconmann war da ... ich bin fast glcklich!Jurassic World Evolution28
jasmin_tea_ Hey Na! | Open Beta The Crew 2| !steam | !clip | !hype The Crew 228
adv4u[ENG/GER) Im Todesgarten ist man Tod bei Tageslicht!Dead by Daylight27
lol_sabaeuw lvlingLeague of Legends27
mariterrycore League of Legends27
detoma7otv The Crew 2 , .The Crew 226
markgaming_902000 follow giveaway !giveawayLeague of Legends26
myrkeeS14 Top 206 EU Barb P834 - !clan !d3build !profile !pocketguide !giveaway !steelseries !npf Diablo III: Reaper of Souls24
kill11kenny[XBOXONE S][GER] 24H Special Stream #giveaway #songrequestTrials Fusion24
tru7h_runs_wildDuo Chillin' | XB1 2200+ Wins | Welcome To Win City | !Wins !SubFortnite23
neonbiack1PlayFortuna Quests -400$ 0.4$-0.6$ 2 !points !roulette # !points !roulette # Casino22
blondewarrior15Blonde SoloQ e Flex - Lucian Super Clean Player || Plat V Adc || !pills !betLeague of Legends22
ghostpanther2008{ENG}NEW DINO HYPE !!Time to make the best dino park everJurassic World Evolution22
michaeldetorresMDT | Faster Than LightBattlefield 420
balthasarxiiold but GOLD, i love this game Star Wars Battlefront19
kowatsunobreak[ENG/FR] Ecchi workout! xD #illustration #painting #drawing Creative19
ravencalledsnejkuRealm Royale | Chicken run! Chicken hunt! Chicken chicken Raven! | !loot Realm Royale19
rfox07playing solo wagers!| 1400+ Wins | ( Xbox )Fortnite18
queenbkilln_emHi I'm Jess <3Brawlhalla18
crea88Weekend! Shanhok / kip / drank!!! en vanavond nieuwe game..!twitterPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS17
souhotong (Carry!)/League of Legends17
hitwoman47YO HITMAN Contracts Chatting n MoreHITMAN17
lisa_vetta 18+Dota 217
rolly8polly 18+IRL17
vonasuzParadis RP 18+ MM Ny Gubbe! / Drink-Stream / Sub / !srGrand Theft Auto V16
flossy__25d1 vintage raids and crucibleDestiny16
igrindthisYoung Legolas || Blackzone Livin' || Veteran Player || Ask questions!Albion Online16
ytmassacre_Fortknuckle !!!Fortnite16
tidybarbiecueNacht Solo 100+Call of Duty: Black Ops16
earthwarrior171the crew 2 open betaThe Crew® 2 Open Beta16
arthas_svkJe cas sa posunutHearthstone15
estelitaaaMINECRAFT x !! 750!! Minecraft15
leveragel1|225 Wins || Wins todays: 3 | Drinks & Guns! | !goal | !discordFortnite15
raiderinfosDj 193.000.000 en banque Il est pourris le mode histoire . Merci pour vos follows (>) Grand Theft Auto V15
ryanjbarberRoad To Survivor SeriesWWE 2K1815
xspidersvenomx[PC] Its Friday! Lets go farming!Farming Simulator 1715
djcozbyPregame b4 The Party | The Cozby Show | #Realgaming #VetsStreamTeamTom Clancy's The Division14
klippen[DK/ENG] (^o^)Kort hyggestream! Solo leveling! (^o^)Guild Wars 214
gawdcockThis Friday is dedicated to the unemployed who dont give a *#$% about the weekend anyway!Destiny 214
rackie_fmRackie FM - Music Stream 24/7 [EDM Game Station] Music14