Currency and points system
Permanent points to track activity.
Spendable currency for betting and using commands.
A web interface directly connected to vivbot to give you simple controls and advanced stream information.
Auto-generated schedule
A simple interface where users can see when your stream has previously been live.
You chose the features you want.
You can easily disable the majority of vivbot's features if you so desire.
Change command costs, limitations, messages and more.
Follower + viewer welcomer
Vivbot can post a customized message welcoming new viewers and thanking new followers.
Top live streams with vivbot:
Channel Tille Game Viewers
sheviiioficialsheviii series of poker - Quinta comeando as 15:00 :pogIRL3119
dridg7DriD | TTS NUEVO PARCHE! FUTURO DEL R6?Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege907
thekllerAvenger: Infinity War izzz da! Ich jizz ab. Achja und HLLEU ()Dead by Daylight471
taketv_overwatch[] Izaak Biggs - Grove Street Family !Grand Theft Auto V462
relaxbeatsRelax & Chill Beats -RPG Game- !rpg (500 bits for .99 Cents!)Music417
sadfurywalka o tytu krlowej elfw ---> cel 4400 MMRGwent: The Witcher Card Game251
customstories Ever Talk Shows239
crafakJe ti teplo dve? [Sponzor streamu: josef109]Frostpunk192
kobe0802[Ps4] 1000+ Wins / Come thruuuu Kobe0802Fortnite190
johnylemonadeGTA RP | Combros | ( 5)Grand Theft Auto V180
itzciincy[XBOXCONTROLLER]24 hours? I would have bought it if i could Mircosoft....Halo Online174
dr4m4_play PLAYINGDota 2169
batyatv , - League of Legends166
conducteir77Ctvrtecni ChillSid Meier's Civilization VI157
swizzzy_[PS4] (aR) New Division Soon?, 3.3 K/D, 400+ SPM, !Prime, Twitter: @SwizZzyOnTwitchCall of Duty: WWII156
tumqoo[LIVE] ! ! ! ! !Arena of Valor136
rsleepy I'm the NINJA of PS4 OMEGALULFortnite135
pharticusmaximusEarn Refereum x 2 Here - 24/7 - [Playing: The Long Reach - Rebroadcast] - !refereum !crypto (StreetFighter X Tekken Giveaway + Trivia)The Long Reach127
timkalationMal wieder ganz entspannt Bro Club :]FIFA 18125
paxelol[Esp]Reload 11/11 mitico!!BETA todas las dudas!World of Warcraft122
nourhummertv 7 4 (god of war)God of War111
yt_mrowenhd1Dead streamer needs help plz follow Fortnite 735 winsFortnite105
missiinsaniity() [GER] iRGENDWANN LERN ICH DAS ViELLEiCHT xD #bungMachtDenMeisterFortnite102
mrbotoshProjetto Garaja Gelecek! | MrBotoshWorld of Tanks98
rackie_fmRackie FM - Music Stream 24/7 [EDM Game Station] (old stream)Music98
triplegzgaming[ENG/ESP] #TBT BF:BC2 Bob Lee Swagger Is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Battlefield 193
armysweetpea-Insert Creative Title- !donate #WarriorsHeart #Awareness #BeardBrigadeFortnite92
naestvV-BUCKS GIVEAWAY! COME JOIN! !GIVEAWAY (Day 17 of 30 ) Daily StreamerFortnite91
greekmanzeusORC WARLORD | New Emotes Soon! | DW/2H Stam DK | !deskThe Elder Scrolls Online90
th3cloudgamingThe Cloud League - Jornada 16 y 17 Da 3League of Legends86
i_play_too_much_gragas2 fat 2 furiousLeague of Legends82
dayzruEscape From Tarkov !Escape From Tarkov81
golaya_BSC / , !Path of Exile79
thecoldtreatsMelee Zer0: This is Perfectly NormalBorderlands 277
mii___Jogando <3 (coloca titulo no clipe que vc criar, por favor) Fortnite76
ddobraya IRL75
knightenatorHOW DO I MAKE CHAIR - !BuyabandIRL72
mariterrycore[RU] .The Forest70
johnwhineAction RP med John Whine !konge !serverArma 367
voodoo_vi \( )/IRL67
thekid_frankieSchweats // In B4 Thanos Smacks EVERYBODY // !priorityDestiny 267
dearannie IRL64
skazka777JopaDota 259
rozowakaczuszkarysuje sobieIRL59
dimitree96Clickbait !!! Nach der runde ins casinooo ;Dcasino57
prettybondgirlRoyalty 1 grill's Let's Make H1Z1 Great Again stream!H1Z157
actrollvisionPS4 ACR Project CARS 2 Double Salvo Round 4.Project CARS 256
darthronSwagstikaFinal Fantasy: Brave Exvius55
turbo_fetoTURBO DRUNK HORROR 20:00 - 23:30 !PRIME !REF The Park54
z4t0x(GER/ENG) Terranigma Any% for 3:28?! !dokomiTerranigma49
vincent4tv[ENG] BSL Chobo League | Week1 | Bombastic Starleague | Casting | Broodwar | Starcraft Remastered | Starts at 19.00 CESTStarCraft49
gamerstreamfamily* *Frostpunk49
halococoBeste SCHWEIZER Duo am Start Fortnite46
cmstarke910+ Solo Wins | RIP Paragon | Follow me on !TwitterFortnite45
chocolate_pumaJakie plany na Majwk? :)League of Legends45
hutnelfHello everyone :)Battlefield 444
just_digglesQUIPLASH / SKRIBBL @ 8:30 | "wotd": acquiesce | free sub with !primeQuiplash40
wtdn_hurrricaneQuick Chaos only, COA, Dragonscale, Zod, and TM. The only things I really want to see. Lvl 97 Hdin USE SCL Self found no trade. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction40
djcozbyGE Blackout Solo w/ sirducklington_au & friends | Tach Bag Hunt | Possible PvPTom Clancy's The Division38
rohac123sledujeme BFA Q&A | 12.5 Stream Sraz | Kronos 3World of Warcraft38
xanorinea[FIN/ENG] Jatketaan Nathan Draken kiipeilysuorituksia. <3Uncharted 4: A Thief's End38
grumblehdtvLET'S NOT RAGE MUCH !!Fortnite38
lamia__black[GER/+18!] einfach zocken...World of Tanks38
datbasickDEAN COLEMAN X GROVE STREET []Grand Theft Auto V37
crea88WEEEKND!! Test server! Mapselection / nieuwe attachmentsPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS36
ty2358Castlevania 64 Carrie Any% Speedruns! Let's Be Awesome! #BattleofTheTytansCastlevania: Legacy of Darkness35
bbbstreamWar Thunder - Oculus Rift - Thrustmaster T16000mWar Thunder34
taigask!16demaio - (SORTEIO PARA SUB HOJE !SUB) [sem delay] Grand Theft Auto V30
exitx_gamingDie News am Donnerstag! Oder auch laber Rababer :)Tom Clancy's The Division30
irnbro123Lets drink on a school night !giveaway ()Call of Duty: WWII29
kelseylioness // New Emote kelsThink // !bits !discordFortnite29
lionkingmustafa[PS4] (aR) 4.2 KDR | 210 V2s / V2s today (+1) | Road to level 1000!Call of Duty: WWII28
sjerraR6 Co jest grane !ranga !kredyty !myszTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege27
gawdcockSorry dad, Ill be sure to kill more trolls next time.Destiny 227
ironskytvCrossout " , "Crossout27
otec_evgen (!)IRL27
liltony313Little emotes |Masters Ranked Conquest| !Giveaway !SubSmite26
t_sven [ 4321 ] [ -500 ] Overwatch25
trexcapadesDinosaur Tilted Landings - Complete Zen CalmFortnite25
chefskywalker!ID Kulve Farming... Come JoinMonster Hunter World25 | Alister CrowleyGrand Theft Auto V25
h3z0musicbg , ..... | !store,!loots | 26.04.2018Grand Theft Auto V24
readtitleHi - !Twitter - !Discord - !YoutubeLeague of Legends23
lassesenpaiPsychedelic Trance Channel (24/7 Radio)Music23
queenbkilln_em!giveaway !tbt We in There!Fortnite23
papaschlauch1213[[GER - PS4]] Battlefield 1 - #1 Sanitter Germany - #3 Conquest GermanyBattlefield 123
jahdaguard|MT GANG| Still need meloNBA 2K1822
little_cammsTrying to play better!fortnite22
spiidermantvNew to Runescape - Giving away goldRuneScape22
netteszickchenGER/PS4 #Quali Chaos &Talk # fr gute Laune #ole VfB #danke euch alleFIFA 1822
cowsun : .Little Nightmares21
lndxleo Path of Exile21
samtaptapPRO CLUBS! 5th on the leaderboards and still bad... #STTFC - @SamTapTap [ENG]FIFA 1821